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  1. I've been doing my own kinda "heat mask". Don't get me wrong, I freakin HATE proactiv, but I like the proactiv sulfer mask. So, I put that mask all over my face, then get the blow dryer, place it on low eat then just slowly run that heat over my face for a little while. If feels really good, and my inflammation has gone down a lot.
  2. Forever-Lovely

    Proactiv Solution - Is It Worth It?

    I did it for about 4 weeks then stopped. The cleanser is TOO harsh and felt like i was rubbing sandpaper on my face twice a day. Also the toner irritated me I think. I wouldnt waste the money, honestly.
  3. Forever-Lovely

    Face Masks

    The aspirin face mask is the only mask I will ever use!
  4. Forever-Lovely

    Other vegetarians/vegans on this site?

    I got excited when I saw this thread because about 4 days ago I decided to go vegetarian. I come from a very meaty family, so this is gonna be a real challenge for me. Oh yeah...did anybody notice any weight loss when becoming a vegetarian? I'd like to shed a few pounds
  5. Forever-Lovely

    Ortho Tri Lo

    I'm on Ortho Tri Lo and I didn't see any improvment until about 3 months. But I am in like my 5th month now and I can tell it really does help. Give it time.
  6. Forever-Lovely


    I have very oily skil and I've tried a numerous amount of cleansers. So far the very best one has been Dan Kern's Clear Skin Regimen CLeanser that I bought from this website!
  7. I have a loser doc who knows nothing about skin. anyways he perscribed me Keflex and 5% bp cream. Is this okay?
  8. Forever-Lovely

    Wow. What a blow.

    i dont know, i just think i have a serious problem. its like, cutting is all i can think about now. how can i tell my family this, that i need help? they are religious and would think im a freak. i walked to the drugstore and bought a fresh pack of razor blades. god, whats wrong with me?
  9. Forever-Lovely

    Wow. What a blow.

    the scars? - did you cut deeply? like a bad cut yes its really bad and super obvious. ive gotten stiches all up and down my arms.
  10. Forever-Lovely

    Wow. What a blow.

    thank you. thanks everyone who gives me support. im kinda confused. kinda scared.
  11. Forever-Lovely

    Wow. What a blow.

    no jaffa. i want to join the navy, but now i cant because they dont take people that self injure. even if youve been on antidepressants they wont take you. i thought i could be a strong enough person to handle the navy, but obviously im not.
  12. I had a break down and cut myself. Now i cant join the navy.
  13. Forever-Lovely

    Grooming, try it

    WOW. WOW.
  14. Forever-Lovely

    Aspirin Mask

    This is a LIFERSAVER. Its just the best mask ever and I am always recommending it to people now. This afternoon I got home from school and washed my makeup off and my face was all red and ugly and stuff. A few hours later I did the asprin mask, and the redness was gone, and my face was all smooth. I put some fresh mineral makeup on afterwards and just felt REALLY happy..
  15. Forever-Lovely


    i wonder if thats true. if so it would be kinda cool i think.