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  1. the pics are impressive. I hope people who have tried it could share with us .
  2. did you try?Has anyone tried? It seems like a relatively inexpensive ,painless procedure with little downtime.
  3. Tofu


    I would like to know as well.Ive seen pics that are pretty impressive.BTW,anybody tried saline injections?
  4. Why cant u use the LED on the temples??What negative effects are we talking about here? Also,I once heard from a doctor that nothing should be done right after procedures like subcision ,needling becos you would want normal healing to take its natural course so that you get the full maximum benefit of collagen growth being stimulated by the injuries caused by such treatments.Any thoughts?
  5. I once heard from a doctor that after subcision ,nothing should be done to the sites becos u'd want the healing to take place on its natural course without any fast healing.The reason is the blood clot acts sort of like PRP.The blood will stimulate collagen growth under the scars.
  6. Why dont u ask your doctor as I would like to know as well.
  7. The above link is incorrect.Try this one. http://www.medicalspamd.com/the-blog/2009/...from-korea.html Apparently,stem cell therapy is already being performed in China for awhile now.2012 and the group that is planning to goto China,heres one more option and place to inquire about.And it seems like a more viable one.The article says the only risk is that the stem cells could copy cancer cells in the body—so cancer patients and survivors will want to take a pass.But I thought we all have canc
  8. What does the doc suggest to fix the problem? Read the threads about stem cell repair,blood injections.
  9. Yes,I agree. Better yet,how about subcison+stem cell injections?
  10. http://www.theamarclinic.com/index.html Another link of Dr Roger Amar's.I was just reading the site and I find the stem cell treatment to be a better choice over silicone injection.I just hope this is not another"too good to be true" ....so many false hopes and promises from the past.
  11. Yes,I would like to know as well.The photos didnt have patients with acne scars.
  12. Hi BRD,it wasnt a recent PM but an email. On one of the Japanese website,it says the effective period is 3 years for stem cell treatments.I thought this was permanent......some temp fillers last just as long and cost much cheaper.
  13. I also looked at the clinic's information and I do not see any mention of Isolagen. The information I have received states that the particular pictures represent the use mesenchymal stem cells according to the technology used by the two Japanese Clinics shown below. I made a phone call and was told that "干细胞" were used, which means stem cells. If this is indeed the case and I was given the correct information, then the stem cells were recombined with adipose tissue before reinjection: 1) http
  14. There is hope,my friends.I found the origin of the pictures.They are from a clinic in Beijing.I have also talked with the doctors there on the phone.If in fact the things they had told me was true then we CAN restore our skin back to ALMOST the way it was before the scarring.I was so excited at first and thought to myself...WOW,finally this is the solution to all our pain and suffering.But from what they were telling me,their scar repair treatment is actually Isolagen which some members here