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  1. BP definitely in the tubes, and the cleanser in the bottles with the pump. Moisturizer could go both ways I guess.
  2. Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream is the only lotion that has satisfied me since being on the Regimen. I haven't tried Dan's moisturizer but I'm planning on trying it soon. I'm kind of itchy about it though because there has been a large amount of people saying it irritates their face.
  3. The new white designs flat out suck! They're so plain and look cheap. I really liked the old blue designs, they were awesome.
  4. I've on the Regimen for like a year now and I don't use a moisturizer at night. When I first started, I was over in Texas for the summer and couldn't buy any of Dan's products so I used Purpose cleanser, Neutrogena BP, and Complex 15 lotion. For the first month and a half, at night I would put the BP on then the lotion because it was too drying. I have never actually put BP in the day time since I've been on the Regimen. After I came home, I was still putting lotion at night because the BP was
  5. OMG dude my ignoring here you are really fucking up your chances. Don't let acne take away what you have wanted all your life now that you finally hav it.
  6. http://bp1.blogger.com/_a7jkcMVp5Vg/R66Dk9...-h/ravanous.jpg Oh man. I have never celebrated Valentine's Day with someone before, and this year is no exception. I actually have work on Valentine's Day, but the truth is I'm just too afraid to ask a girl out. That postcard has me thinking about my situation. I wonder how many girls would actually say yes if I had the balls to ask them out. I guess I just think no girl will say yes because of the deep scars I have on my face from acne. Its funny
  7. I know how you feel TC. I've never had a GF and I'm 19. Right now my acne is not that bad but the problem is the scars. I have a lot of deep scars on my face I look like a monster in bright lighting. Having acne has totally killed my self confidence that whenever I'm around a pretty girl I turn into a complete pussy. I know that people say you should be happy with who you are and learn to be happy a lone but the truth is I'm lonely and have been for quite some time. I just feel like a girlfriend
  8. I thought Dan said he uses the best chemicals or ingredients for the product so thats why its superior to others. But the longevity of what you pay for is fantastic.
  9. Hey I haven't tried Dan's Moisturizer but I do use Complex 15 and its the best moisturizer I have ever used. Though I hope to use Dan's Moisturizer in the future since its always hyped up to be a perfect moisturizer and when it actually lives up to peoples expectations then I'll buy that. But for the meantime I use Complex 15.
  10. My face gets a little shiny after I put on Dan's BP. Anybody else gets the same effect?
  11. I kind of have the same scars except i have a lot more.
  12. You know, I'm so self-conscience about my face and my acne that I can't even bring myself to make a myspace or facebook account. Its not that I have a lot of acne now, but my scars are the worst. I have the worst acne scars of anyone I have ever met.
  13. OMG, my first year of college was so horrid. I was on Obagi and when I started school my first was really red. People looked at me like I was a freak. Even the teacher gave me a weird look. I have been off Obagi for a long time and my skin has cleared up a lot since I started using Dan's Regimen. I transferred to a different college so I hope this one will be a lot better!
  14. Every cleanser I have ever used made my face feel a little dry after I use it and Dan's cleanser is no exception. Lately I've been noticing that the area around my mouth have been dry after I use the cleanser.
  15. It smells a little tacky but its not as bad as you say