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  1. Maybe it is another chemical in the cream, but it isn't the tretinoin. Or it could just be your imagination.
  2. Stay home if you don't feel good. Tell your grandma to stfu and that it is better than staying home from school because you are having heroin withdrawals.
  3. You can't target other receptors with a different retinoid as they all deliver their anti-acne activities through the same type of receptors. Retin-A acts a MORE receptors (some which may be irrelevant to acne), therefore not well-tolerated. Newer designed retinoids like adapalene and tazorotene are more selective in this aspect and are generally less irritating. Receptor sites tend to break-down and replenish naturally, so there should be little worry about de-sensitisation...
  4. lol alright ill look for it. ijust dont wanna be like orange and sh** then ppl be like wtf?!?! aha

    but wow a year and a half?i as hoping by the end of the summer, id be pretty much clear.ah oh well maybe the foundation is the only way.ha

    but do you know about sunless tanning?i was thinking about that

    but i dk if it would just make it blotchy and discolored

  5. There's only one thing to do then, get foundation that doesn't show! :) My hyperpigmentation lasted for about a year and a half :(. Foundation does help a lot, and believe it or not you can find good ones (there's a make-up forum here).

  6. lol thanks. but. it will be kinda hard to explain to why everyone that im wearing foundation.lol but anyways.

    how long do you think the hyperpigmentation spots will last?or how long did it last for you?

  7. missninja, thanks that is really interesting. We haven't had many people who actually tried it. And DanMan: 15,000IU's will not do much, you have to take around 250 thousand like missninja did.
  8. I adore Marilyn Monroe.........

  9. Why the hell would that do anything? They are both essential nutrients and an herb, not Rx Drugs that can interact badly.