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  1. make it juicey for you

    1. canada is ncie...

      1. take it with food before you go to bed
      2. Cod Liver Oil, Omega 3 fatty acids + Vitamin A + Vitamin D win win situation
      3. #1) There's not much studies or anything to prove it actually does what it says #2) Don't know the interactions from your body to other meds #3) Don't know what's a safe amount #4) Don't know the long term effects
      4. Definitely eating healthier improved my skin a lot...
      5. i'll take it easy on consuming nuts, its not as healthy as you think
      6. you wont notice anything with the amount of potassium in it, most of the them have of a good amount of sodium with the potassium...maybe to balance them out... but maybe its how they made.. buts its so little anywayssss potassium is always good for your general health, sodium (salt) is the bad one i started eating 3 to 6 whole boiled eggs in a day. nothing yet
      7. i did it for about 5 months back before i even joined, it worked somewhat, but still had problem areas. I didn't like how it felt on my face and I tried every single other recommendations for alternatives out there, but still at the end, i still didn't like how it felt. and plus im a guy, i sweat, i workout, i go days without shaving
      8. some nights i can sleep 10 hours, while another nights i sleep 5 hours and be perfectly fine everybody is going to throw random numbers at you telling you what amount is the best, but imo you have to program your biological clock...it sounds strange, but every night you should by sleepy around the same time and wake up the same time in the morning, without that alarm clock buzzing to wake up.
      9. butun ulkerlerin + amerika yardim yapilmamasi, what will happen?

        1. Or you could just exercise and eat healthier
        2. dogru! dunya bilsin kavkaz's dert, Ama dunya korumaksa? ne olur?

          1. len, you alright?

            1. Nasilsiniz? gurcistan-russia savasim var,inshallah azarlar iyi-siniz, Kendinin iyi bak

              1. I would go for almond butter instead , which i am going to buy , for Protein. go for the low fat kind, you are gonna pack on some unwanted weight
              2. Chicken Breats, Low fat yogurt cups (8oz) have anywhere from 8 to 11+ grams of protein. Peanut butter is packed too but go for the low fat kind.
              3. Hello Whats the level of the (new) kidneys function(creantine)? If its beyond 2.0 I wouldn't even consider it. Is it going up or down, staying at a constant level or just rising? Is your son's prograf level between 6 and 8? Did your son have a biopsy yet? If you say your son's been having a poorly functioning transplanted kidney, i would be very cautious about trying accutane. I be cautious about trying anything extreme even with a well functioning kidney because so many things can hurt it.
              4. as a licensed doctor on the internetz, id say yes