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  1. make it juicey for you

  2. Yours ain't too bad, either. ;]

  3. canada is ncie...

  4. take it with food before you go to bed
  5. Cod Liver Oil, Omega 3 fatty acids + Vitamin A + Vitamin D win win situation
  6. #1) There's not much studies or anything to prove it actually does what it says #2) Don't know the interactions from your body to other meds #3) Don't know what's a safe amount #4) Don't know the long term effects
  7. Definitely eating healthier improved my skin a lot...
  8. I bet! That avatar picture is mighty fine, combined with the unstoppable force of childhood nostalgia... Win/Win

  9. I like your name / avatar. ^.^

  10. i'll take it easy on consuming nuts, its not as healthy as you think