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  1. Sam

    Differin 0.1%

    Please,does anyone know where I can buy Retin A (Janssen-Cilag) from,possibly without a prescription?
  2. I've used perlane before,but I'm using Dermalax deep plus now.I find Dermalax just as good,if not better than perlane and alot cheaper than perlane.
  3. Sam

    Differin 0.1%

    I was using Isotrex,but the Dr says its been discontinued.Every other Tretinoin product (Retinova and Retin A) I've used,have been discontinued of the years. Is there anywhere I can get Retin A (Janssen-Cilag) from,possibly without a prescription?
  4. Is Differin 0.1% the same as Retin A (Tretinoin) and can you apply it straight after dermarolling or dermapen.
  5. I believe tropical isotretinoin and tropical tretinoin are the same,someone may correct me on this. I've read lasers can damage your skin and cost alot of money with minimal scar improvement. I would try dermapen with nano needles (pain free needles),then TCA peels.Start the peels with a low percentage TCA acid (about 12%) and work your way up the TCA percentage ladder.Always do a small test patch the TCA just in case your body reacted to the TCA acid. I use vitamin E oil to mois
  6. Joeysk,when injecting prp doesn't the underlying tissue need to be damaged (like subcison) for the epidermal growth factors to work and repair the damaged tissue/scar. Has anyone tried applying prp tropically before microneedling and seen improvement in their scars.
  7. Liquid_Ocelot told me back in 2011 that he was buying a centrifuge and making his own prp to improve acne scars,but I have tried contacting him without success. Has anyone tried making platelet rich plasma (PRP) at home and combined it with microneedling to improve acne scars. Did it improve your acne scars.
  8. What is the best foods to eat or products to take for stimulating collagen production.
  9. Dermcolor is good,and I was told actors/actresses us it.I use it myself You can buy a kit containing different colours to find the right shade for yor skin.
  10. Pacerma, I feel exactly the same as you most days since taking Roaccutane back in the mid to late 90s.I believe this drug has damaged my serotonin (the chemical that makes you happy) permanently and death now outways the motivation to live. The University of Bath and the University of Texas did tests on mice and monitored the effects of the drug (Roaccutane) on the chemistry of the cells that produce serotonin.They found out that Roaccutane increased production of proteins and cell metaboli
  11. What age are you Marrakech?
  12. Yes,I did say collagen is fragile.I read about collagen being very fragile some years ago. I have already had subcision done on the 14th Oct 2017. Should I wait 3 months to see the results of the subcision and suction,or is it still possible to have the dermapen and prp done now?
  13. My Derm offered to do subcision,dermpen and prp for a certain price,but I decided on the subcision only,bc I want to try it with the suction method,and bc Mr Matt had good results with these two same procedures.I've had subcision, dermapen and dermaroller done before,on separate occasions,but never two of these procedures together. Please,can someone tell me if I should have done all three procedures at the same time? Has anyone had subcision,dermapen and Prp done at the same time?... Did y
  14. Does anyone know if Subcision can be done on the neck,or has any1 had it done on the neck?