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  1. I've been using it for three years, this is what happens. You get clear, and then after a while you take it for granted that you're clear so sometimes you skip the regimen or whatever, and then POW! you get a whitehead and like two other red spots. This is when you bring out the artillery and apply BP morning and night, with a full pump, and then some. Keep in mind this is the day after you pretty much stopped following the regimen religiously The result? A red fucking face with some acne on
  2. Take it easy on the BP and whatnot. I'm going on year four with the regimen and I'm up to a 3/4 pump of BP and no moisturizer. You're new so you most likely haven't learned the ropes yet, but pretty much use the least amount possible when it comes to BP- just enough to cover your face and do its job. EDIT: I actually use a 3/4 pump, go over the general problem areas, then I do another 1/2 pump and micromanage existing acne and go over problem areas just to make sure the fucking acne is taken c
  3. How old are you? Maybe it's a change in hormones.
  4. Keep doing what you're doing for a few more weeks and then come back unless your face gets worse.
  5. I've intentionally put BP in my hair to see what would happen. Nothing happened, you're fine. You won't get "grandma hair."
  6. BP cleared me up. I've been on it for a couple years now and it doesn't stop working so I'm gonna keep using it.
  7. Try Dan's BP. You make no sense- you're willing to take Accutane, but you won't try BP because it's stronger than Salicylic acid?
  8. I think ultimately what counts is the way you carry yourself. I think it's attractive when you stay fit, you dress nice, and you look like you're living life and enjoying yourself. I fell for a girl not too long ago that had slight acne, but she was so outgoing and enthusiastic about her sorority and social life that she seemed very attractive. Of course, it helped that she was cute and had a nice ass.
  9. I apply the thinnest coat of BP on my face but sometimes I try to focus on problem areas. You should try it and see how it works out for you.
  10. I think it would make sense to put it in the moisturizer.
  11. I used to do it on a daily basis. "OK, once this pimple is gone, I'm gonna be clear." The pimple would start to go away and then another would start forming on another part of my face. It was so frustrating, and then I found acne.org over the summer and began using it. I switched schools for unrelated reasons, and then one day I met a girl from my previous school and she commented on how clear my face was. It was bittersweet because when you have acne, you wonder what people think about your f
  12. I just read the part where you mentioned you've done community service. OK. Then you talked about watching the news. Don't, it's a bunch of bullshit. Look, why worry about the shit you have no control over? Whether you worry about it or not, it's gonna happen, it's there. It's one of those things you just have to accept. The world will never be "perfect." I can't even begin to picture a "perfect" world; I don't know what it would look like. You just gotta live life. Spend time with your frien
  13. Dude like others have been saying, I too can relate to what you're feeling right now. I've been through a stage where everything felt wrong, and I wanted everything to be right, but then you would realize there wasn't much you could do about it. What you gotta do is quit worrying about stuff you can't control, and instead focus your energy on what you can control. You seem like a smart person, I bet if you did that, you could get a lot of stuff done. I would recommend reading. Not any reading
  14. How much BP do you use? Try to tone it down a little- I use just enough to cover my face, with emphasis on my "problem areas," and ever since I started doing that, I stopped having to apply moisturizer.
  15. I've been using BP for a while now and I have no side effects. If my skin starts to get dry or whatever, I tone down the BP, and that's that.