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  1. gymrat: Im around week 5 now, and during week 4, I had alot of bumps form under my jawline, but they all broke out and have healed. Since then, my face is now completely clear. I was even able to go 2 days w/o washing it and not get a pimple. Just stick with it man.
  2. I do the acne cure, but my face is always tight, dry, and flaking until I put moisturizer on it, and I've been doing it for over 5 weeks.
  3. Every once in awhile I would have my whiteheads turn yellow. They really hurt me when they changed color.
  4. I had been using the acne cure for abou 5 weeks but with no glycolic acid, and my face completely cleared up. About 3 weeks ago, I added in glycolic acid, and I'm still getting some whiteheads and new pimples. Sometimes it's depressing, but I know that it's doing it's job, so don't worry if your breaking out even though your into the cure for a few weeks.
  5. Ugh, the exact uppositive it tru for me! I think being sick messes up your hormones or something, b/c I and everyone I know gets a few pimples after there sick.
  6. Im almost positive that the yolk is for dry skin, and the egg white is to dry a pimple out.
  7. Im at week 5, and Im very satisfied. I still get an occasional pmiple, but they never hurt and there very small. Even if you finish the acne cure, you will still get a pimple every now and then.
  8. I was 100% clear from it in the summer, but as school started I started to get a few pimples here and there. However, these are much smaller, and don't hurt so overall I'm still happy. Most likely, stress is causing you to breakout, also, make sure not to touch your face in school if your trying to sleep or really bored.
  9. I never saw it but it feels like an insturment with a small cicrle metal tip, and he presses that on the blackhead, and it comes out. If I have a pimple when I got to him, he'll pop it with the same thing. Last time he popped it and I started to bleed, but it was gone the next day.
  10. You could probably mix them together, but theres always the chance of some chemical reaction or something. Its up to you though. My way works fine.
  11. Call different dermatoligists and see if they get rid of blackheads. The previous 2 I went to didn't do it, but my current one gets rid of all my blackheads at each visit.