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  1. sorry. but what was your previous username?

  2. good luck with your new girl..just remember, act like u are the best and u will be! have faith. be strong :)

  3. ^they do. I could understand students, but it really made me depressed when professors acted the same way. It sort of closed the world off from me. & I refuse to go to counselors b/c I know they are thinking the exact same way and are normal people and prob think bad about me anyway, but have to pretend not to, and prob snicker about it later on as they drive home from work or something.
  4. I left a message for my derm on his message machine asking for more clonidine and asking for enough that I can take it 3 times a day in 0.1 mg doses; however, I think a little higher dosage might do me better. Should I call back on Sunday asking for clonidine such that I can take 0.2 mg in the morning, 0.2 mg at night, and 0.1 mg during the afternoon, or, as I left a number for them to call me back at and I left a message saying I needed it to be sent to a different pharmacy this time which I di
  5. >Very slow delivery. Takes a month or more to receive your items. >Messed up my order. It was entirely wrong. >Horrible customer service. Girl is a total bitch. >Had to call 3 times to tell them I canceled an order...& they still charged me for it. I hate them with all my heart.
  6. stop stealing our women

  7. Wish you a DELICIOUS Christmas & DELICIOUS New Year!

  8. yeah, I'm in APO actually. It's a coed service fraternity (with about 40 girls...and only 4 boys) based on the boyscouts. Basically, I babysit professors' kids for 5 hours on Friday night every other week or so. They have social events, but I can't bring myself to really go out. They take a ton of pictures while out and such. >.> I guess I should try and really go. They are on Fridays usually. But really, thatguy, it is hard when the first impression is that people just want to get away
  9. I've been ok for the first 3 months or so of college, but I am just really starting to feel drained. I don't have any friends b/c no one seems to want to give me a chance b/c of my face. They'll be nice to me in class, sort of, but they don't ever look my in the face (yes, even some professors), but after class they shun me. I do everything on my own. I go to class alone, eat alone, my roomie is gone and I never see him (he moved into his gf's dorm), I study at the cafe alone, or in the lounge a