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  1. GOD...its been ages and ages!! i dont know my last post but its like Dec 30th today. i went to the doctors yesterday an got my prescription renewed(this is my 7th packet) and i got another one for differin even though i dont use it. anyway i cant believe how well my skins improved...i mean i didnt even realise untill i saw a pic of me a month before i went on diane an SHIT! i didnt know it was that bad. anyway im sooo happy with the results, oits not completely clear but i dont have an pimples j
  2. WOW i havent written in agggeess.i was at the doctor yesterday getting my next prescription so that means im on my forth month. still no drastic clearness, i spose its cleared up about 25% but they say at about months it can be all gone...an i spose time has gone so quick already i hope it clears up wen i start usin differin again
  3. day....umm im really not surre i havent been on here for ages. i woke up this morining an the whole side of my face has broken onut on the left an right.....im so depressed about it. i actually put make up on today for the first time in aloooogn logg time....my face does look better but i feel a bit bad as the doctor said no makeup..and ive put makeup and moisturiseron....!! hopefully its going to clear up soon im inthe middle of my second pack oif diane and im about to go into using differin o
  4. Yeah...ido get a bit discouraged sometimes, but my skins looking somuch better so i just think about it clearing up and not how long it takes......i aslo think about where id be if i didnt go to the doctors and my skin would be so much worse... DAY 21 wow, my first packets finished already, i rsead on another site that 3 months nearly clears it all up so im so excited, because i cxan see the difference. i was going to getmy haiir done after my acne cleared up but i decided to get it done now, a
  5. hey,i recently went on the pill(diane 35ed) for my acne and now its making me really hungry.....has any one got any suggestions...or is anyone in the same boat??
  6. Day 15 wow the days are going so quickly....not much of a change, getting a bit worse on my forehead
  7. DAYT 12, no difference...my skins the same a s yesterday but the side of my face is the looks like my forhead before all that fixed up so hopefully soon its all fixed like my forehead....
  8. ive had acne for a year and a half! and i only just got perscribed....do u think that i havent already tried every single thing available??????......tried every diet...every excersize regimen...every 'cure' available......do u have acne? do you know wat its like? thanks for the opinion but ive already tried it
  9. DAY 11. OMG YAY! I WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND MY FOREHGEAD LOOKS SOO MUCH CLEARER(NOT COMPLETELY YET BUT THIS HAS GOT TO BE AN IMPROVEMENT!!) ITS ALREADY DONE WONDERS WITH MY SELF CONFIDENCE....I CANT WAIT TILL ITS ALL GONE....im still completely starving all the time...its soo sad....im gonna get fat...so ive started doing more excersize.....hopefully soon itll be all gone
  10. DAY 9 not much different....finding myself hungry all the time...and being more lazy...ill keepp you posted when anything at all happens!!
  11. DAY 6, wel...i havent got the fast miraculouse overnight recovery im wishing for....just the same as yesterday. ive got heaps of dry skin on both my cheeks and neck...sbout it. ok ...ill admit ive eaten about five milk products...but as of now...im going without....(the otheres were just a few exceptions..i mean who eats doritos without sour cream? doritos arent doritos if there not sour creamed....you can understand my troubles...) i know i said id write weekly but i just love being on this si
  12. y dont we do the chaeaper version and home make it....if hot peppers the main ingrediant then i think ill puree hot pepper and add a bit of honey(evens your skin tone naturally) mash it up with a bit of mineral water....i bet it does just the job, at a fraction of the cost. add in fruits an veges that are full of anti oxidents and stuff good for your skin... i think ill try my way
  13. has anyone tried it? does it work.... ???¿¿¿
  14. im on day FIVE today. (using diane) and about a week on differin. before i started diane i noticed my skin breaking out...especially on my neck and forehead-which was a good sighn because it means its cleaning out all of my skin. since ive been on diane i havent had any side effects...hopefully i wont get any and i havent really noticed a big change YET, today is the first day ive started giving up all milk products, not sleeping on my face(even when its really really hard not too) and drainking
  15. Ive finally convinced mum to let me go to a doctor...after a year and a half of suffering, ive been put on diane 35ed and differin gel....i dont know if itll work or how long it will take , from what ive heard it can range form a month to three or six months, so im keep ing a log for all other uncertain people on this medication