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  1. I know how you feel. I've had my new years resolution to be clear for about 3 years in a row now But luckfully I have started accutane, and hope that this year might be different But if your starting to lose interest in things, it might be a sign of depression, although I'm no doctor so don't think so based on my opinion. If you want to make some friends, just go out and have some fun! Guys really don't care who they hang out with as long as their cool and fun to be around. And if your lookin
  2. Some girls are just bitches. I'm not sure if every girl is like that, but from what everyone else says, there not. Although, for me they all have been, lol. But cheer up man, it's just one chick right? Besides she might have wanted to switch because of different reasons, as screw_acne said.
  3. Bright Eyes- Bowl of Oranges Everytime I hear this song, I just can't help but crack a little smile:)
  4. Hi, I'm most likely going on accutane in January, and I'm wondering if it's okay to use anything like benzoyl peroxide, differin, or tazorac while on it? Or should I just stay to a nothing but a cleanser?
  5. In no particular order Just Surrender- Is There No Truth In Beauty Acceptance- Different Amber Pacific- If I Fall Brand New- The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot Brand New- Untitled 1 Cassino- American Low Daphne Loves Derby- Hopeless Love The Get Up Kids- Overdue Greenday- Time of Your Life Hawk Nelson- Everything You Ever Wanted Hit the Lights- Head Over Heels Northstar- Taker Not A Giver The Spilled Canvas- So Much I honestly could go on forever with sad songs, but I stop right here, lol.
  6. pic I know this doesn't look like much, but it's my cheap camera, and I'm sorry if it's a bit blurring. But if it is I'm still happy because I used to have moderate to severe acne, and it's almost completely gone now!
  7. T.K.


    couple pics
  8. I don't know how severe my acne is. I think its mild to moderate, or moderate. And thanks for the advice;)
  9. I just went to the dermatologist for my first time, and the wait was pretty long and I was only with the doctor for about 10 minutes so I didn't get to ask him much questions which was pretty crappy. Anyways I've been on proactive for about 2 months now, and it really hasn't done anything for me. But the doctor subscribed Differin, Benzaclin, and Doryx to me. I was reading about doryx on the internet, and it says I should take a pill a day, but my doctor said I needed to take 2. I don't know how
  10. I'm not exactly a believer of proactive but I got a kit for free from one of my mom's friends. And I got a few questions about it so here it is. 1. Over the past 2 months I've been on a salyic acid treatment and its done quite well but I don't have anymore money to get another package of the stuff until next month. And I wanted to know is it safe to switch from salyic acid to benzoyl peroxide so quickly? 2. I believe this is true, but doesn't benzoyl peroxide leave red marks or at least more c
  11. Well dude I liked reading your posts, since unlike other people on here, they werent idiotic all the time. And jugband2 everyone does have a sob story, your is that you were born.
  12. Okay life has been very different lately. My acne marks and scars haven't improved much if at all but I haven't been on here cause I've been doing other stuff. Like playing poker, excersing, listening to various kinds of music, and playing sports. My self esteem still is very low. But I recently was told that this girl I like likes me. Now she is one of the popular girls in school and is super pretty. I don't know if its true or not there's signs that it is and signs that it isn't but I still ha
  13. Have you ever wondered if the stuff we use for our face like benzoyl peroxide and salyic acid are bad for you? Or at least some of the stuff. I mean could our skin or body get used to it and overtime need it? I know this happens with some drugs that doctors subscribe and I'm very bored so I though I make this thread. Plus I was on a antibotic to prevent infection after my surgery and it didn't clear me but I didn't have a single break out or even a new pimple but after I was off of it I broke ou
  14. Hmm, that's a good question. I would if she had a pretty face or a good personality. A pretty face can't be hid away by acne and a good personality shines through anything.
  15. T.K.

    Red Scars

    I have red scars on my cheeks. Its red no matter what I do. I've had aloe vera gel on them for a month or so. I've tried lemon juice, I've tried letting them heal on their own but it didn't work; and nothing works. I was at a Doctor's office this morning(not a dermatologist) and he said something about its people's pigmeta or however you spell it. I just want to know how can I get rid of the redness? Thanks, Tk