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  1. This will be my last post, I want to pass on everything I have learned over the past 7 years to my fellow scar sufferers. I received box scars, ice pick, deep rolling scars from a long battle of acne. 1. Fraxel Laser-In 2008, I had 3 sessions of fraxel with somewhat high settings. It cost me 2700. 15% improvement. 2. Exfoliating is overlooked- I always got my exfolation from shaving, but once I grew a 5'oclock shadow beard all I used was a trimmer and had to find another way to exfoliate s
  2. So what are your results on the acne scars?
  3. First off, if you're talking about the thread that was on here two weeks ago regarding shaving, then you completely missed the point. The user claimed you have to shave the area several times to THE POINT THAT IT IS PINK. Plain old shaving everyday won't do anything.
  4. Naitch

    V.I. Peel

    Having your skin peel is the best way to get rid of scars, much better all these "collagen producing methods". That's what I hope to accomplish with retin-a.
  5. 40%. You know that when fraxel first came out it was said to be give you 50% and over results. That 40% will soon turn into 20%, just like fraxel.
  6. Naitch


    That was a cool comment, way to stick it to him! (I'm not being sarcastic)
  7. I have to agree, us sufferers need to start seeing results and not hear excuses.
  8. haha, good one. close this thread. Your skin is excellent. You don't have scars, you have red marks. Look into retin-a for those red marks.
  9. Live and learn. Try to avoid the situation, and just know that jealously is a sign of weakness and desperation, and that's exactly what the other driver was. And if someone is tailing you, pull into a major supermarket, and confront him. But don't even confront the person, just let a few minutes go by, and if he is still tailing you call the cops and have them meet you somewhere so they can keep you safe.
  10. retin-a will do you wonders, use a little more than recommended by your doctor so your face peels. Do this for 6 months and you will see great results. Your scarring isn't bad at all, just redness you have to worry about which retin-a is well-known for getting rid of.
  11. Then somone tell what the point was, humor me.
  12. dark_eyed, I'm planning to use retin-a after my 3rd fraxel treatment. Can you tell me how you used it exactly? I wanted to add a lot of retin-a so my skin peels (thus revealing healthier, smoothier) skin. Is this what you did? thanks a million.
  13. just don't promise to put post pics and then make up a bad excuse to not post them, like drewboy did.