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  1. if sd is san diego ill date you lol. strictly friendly tho, i have trust issues haha. we could go tan at belmont park by the roller coaster. only thing is you gotta pick me up because im broke but will be graduating with my rn next month .
  2. http://www.scarstretchmarkremoval.com/?gcl...CFSEYagodRGpz5Q just wondering. if its a repost, my bad forgive me
  3. im in the same boat as you guys/gals. no breakouts thanks to accutane, hopefully i could go shirtless by next summer. it sucks because ive been working out and lifting for a couple of years now and i cant really show it off.
  4. man up bro. she don't give a **** about you so let it go. my best advice is to start working out, because the rewards are great if you are motivated and determined to better yourself. you cant change her and she obviously doesnt care about you anymore than just an old fling, so get over it and move the **** on. oh yeah, study hard too and make that $$$, this could be a turning point in your life, 10 years from now you could look back and see how you handled this situation...blah blah blah.
  5. wow, so yeah i see improvement. pretty nice considering we both have very similar body scarring. could you tell us what you did there?
  6. hello. i was one of the first people to try this method when this thread started. i used to be on this forum all day everyday but now im glad to say this is the first time in weeks since i logged back on. i got fed up with soaking 5x a week for about the first month because it was so boring so i started with the spray bottle. filled up a bottle with sea salt, so much that there was still salt crystals on the bottom that wouldnt dissolve, and sprayed my back/chest so it looked like i just g
  7. well, i havent posted in months after trying this because i havent been soaking. mainly because its real boring and i feel im wasting water. so what i started doing and have been doing is i got my empty little spray bottle of sa, washed it out and added 1/4 salt the rest water and been spraying in the morning and after my showers. when it dries up you feel like you put sandpaper all over yourself and i just wipe it off cuz it feels kinda weird. but yeah, its been working, i'd say that for the
  8. dont really have any tips but to just listen to your derm. drink a lot of water (gal/day) and have chapstick available at all times. hope you clear up too. i see youve been training, only problem is that my derm told me to lay off the whey protein shakes because it might stress my liver out so that sucked. good luck tho
  9. nose thank God it barely happens now. other than that, cheeks, mainly because they scar the worst.
  10. hmmm i guess ill use 60 oz of sea salt then. plus for right now im showering first then soaking and drying up right after. ill see how that goes it might be more effective that way.