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  1. Not a bad clay mask for acne skin, but may be a little harsh

    High amounts of clay = skin refining Ingredient SA can help clear the skin a bit Can irritate if left on for too long Strong medicinal/menthol smell I have mixed feelings about this mask, but I do use it sometimes, so I will do this review to try and help you decide if you want to try it. I find that clay masks such as with a good amount of kaolin and/or bentonite, work well for my skin. (40+ year old woman with large pores, fine lines, and still very prone to breakouts) That said, I have a r
  2. Foundation that does NOT break you out

    medium coverage foundation, so it can even out skin tone does NOT cause break outs a little hard to work with (must apply it quickly) Just to be clear before I go into this product's imperfections (which some other reviewers have also stated) this is a GREAT foundation for acne-prone skin. I am a 40+ year old woman who has had various levels of acne for about 20 years. So believe me I have tried a lot of foundations - liquid, powder, combinations, etc - and regardless of how I feel about their o
  3. djay

    The only thing that has worked for me

    The only thing that has worked for me

    clears skin prevents future breakouts expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it slight medicinal smell must be used consistently and follow instructions I am a 40+ woman who has suffered from acne since mid 20's. This is the only thing that ever truly cleared my skin. Over the counter products have helped, but finally a dermatologist prescribed for me the clindamycin 1% LOTION. I used it for about a year. No redness or side effects, and over time it stopped my skin from breaking out. I follo
  4. Expensive but very good for sensitive skin

    great for sensitive skin smoothing, pore-refining, brightening results like a professional facial expensive does not rid acne (though it does not produce acne either) can case a little redness in very fair skin This is almost like a professional facial at home. I have been using the Sage Skincare biological redefining mask for a couple of years now. It is expensive, but I only need to use it about once a week. I can really see a difference in my face when I use it. It does not so much clear my
  5. djay

    Finally Something is Working!

    Aspirin is dangerous because, in addition to being a mild anti-inflammatory, it is: * A blood thinner. This is why it helps SOME people with heart or stroke disposition. If you don't have the specific problem, thinning your blood regularly isn't good. Especially if you wind up in an accident, etc. * Recent study has shown that if you take aspirin daily and then cut cold turkey, heart and stroke disposition can GET WORSE. * Stomach irritant. Can lead to ulcer type problems in your stomach / d
  6. djay

    bp 10%

    Thank you for the post! Similar discussions are going on here about BP and bags under the eyes, BP and dry skin that looks like wrinkles, etc. It is true that women's skin is thinner and therefore we have to be more careful! For any of us who care about curing our acne without ruining our skin in other ways there are some good rules of thumb to follow: * NEVER apply BP to the eye area, especially the delicate skin under the eyes. * NEVER apply BP directly to the lips. Right up to the lip lin
  7. djay

    wrinkles form benzoyly peroxcide?

    It is not the BP itself that causes wrinkles. SUN, however, DOES cause wrinkles and premature aging. BP intensifies the effects of the sun on your skin. It does not have to be "sunny" as the damaging rays can come through clouds and even rain! If you are putting on BP in the morning and NOT covering it with sunscreen, you are putting your skin at risk for not only premature aging but for skin cancer as well. Correct this problem by not using BP in the morning OR by following your mornign
  8. djay

    Any1 on SAW PALMETTO?

    My dermatologist told me the reason I had acne was because I had "excessive clogged pores". I sort of felt like that was obvious, but he has never told me more. Could it be hormonal or was "clogged pores" a valid diagnosis? ←
  9. Also check the list of ingredients on the cleansers & lotion you are using. Since you've had some luck but then some breakouts - it could be that your general regimen is good (it sounds good: gentle cleansing 2x per day, a treatment at night, healthy eating, etc) So it might just be an ingredient or two that are clogging your pores and showing up a couple of weeks or so later. I found that some of the Biore products contained comedogenic ingredients. (not sure of the exact ingredients in
  10. djay


    I love the SPF 25 at www.zerozits.com It works great under makeup or alone and, over time, seems to have a brightening effect - at least on me. First inactive ingredient is stabilized aloe vera gel. I'm not sure if my skin loves it so much becuase of the aloe or what. Even got my husband to start wearing it daily becuase it doesn't have a sunscreen gooey oiliness or smell.
  11. djay

    Am I ugly?

    I agree with Carl and many others. You are absolutely NOT ugly and have a GREAT mouth, smile, teeth. You should smile often! But if you are unsure - Carl is right and you should try clean shave, tone up just a bit (mild exercise) and get rid of the hats. BTW AcneScarredAndSad05 I looked at your gallery and you are so not ugly!! Take a look at the pic of yourself head on. VERY NICE handsome, masculine, square face.
  12. I recommend trying a GENTLE clay mask a couple of times a week. Look for kaolin & bentonite. For me, nothing else has worked as well. It keeps my pores looking fairly "tight" for a couple of days. Try to avoid anything too irritating. Read the WHOLE list of ingredients. (I found the Queen Helene too irritating and when my skin gets irritated, a breakout usually follows) I tried the Clinique Pore Refining stuff and it made me red & irritated. Though it did keep oil production down
  13. djay

    Anyone know if listerine

    Listerine is too harsh for most acne prone skin. Probably your friend is blessed with better skin than you and almost no matter what he does he'll be OK. For some of us it isn't that easy. The reason for this idea of Listerine is because when Listerine first came on the market they ADVERTISED off label use for acne! This was the same time that bleach / clorox marketed itself as a (very diluted) ingredient for use as a douche. A bit earlier in time (about 1880's) asbestos was advertised as a
  14. This is a great question that you've posed! I hope others will contribute based on actual experience. I'm fairly new to the boards here and have been VERY SURPRISED to see so many references to the benefits of facial steaming for acne. What my dermatologist told me (and had already been confirmed by my own experimentation!) was that steaming aggrevates acne. But there are so many people on this board who say it has improved their skin. I know there are different types of acne and differen