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  1. i have read about a family suing the accutane company for their sons suicide. claiming that accutane can cause major depression and that no one told them about this devistating side effect. So to answer your question it is documented that accutane can cause depression...u r not crazy...talk to you doctor about the severity of this side affect.
  2. i was clear for about 2 yrs. went on it again clear another 2 yrs did a third and still clear 2 yrs later
  3. try 100% green tea soap...it leaves your skin very soft.
  4. it may sound crazy but it could be acid reflux , unless it hurts when u take a deep breath (then it is probably muscular in nature)try pepcid or something like it and see if it helps.
  5. on accutane i lost about 30 or more hairs a day...but i have thick hair so it was not noticable. but it all grew back...not to worry
  6. i was on accutane and was clear as a bell for 2 years then whammy. went on it again 2 years later acne again...so i tried a third...gave my body a rest for 3 onths and started taking vitamin a morning and night ( vit a can be toxic in high doses be careful) but i only get an occasional small breakout now. So my advice is if at first u dont succeed try try again.
  7. i did 3 rounds of accutane and each time i lost some hair... i was scared too. but it's been 2 years since i finished accutane and my hair is as full as ever...but more gray!
  8. i alos had 3 runs of accutane, after the third i thought if accutane is a vit A derivitive then maybe taking vit A would help....and it did but BE CAREFUL vit a can be toxic in high doses. Anyway after i finished the last round of accutane i started taking vit a in the morning and at night and my breakouts are nowhere near as bad. I also have my own little wash regimine that i use and other vitamins that i take and my ace is nearly clear and oil free.
  9. some of the advice i've read on this site is pretty comical..maybe u could use it in your routine. I say use your acne to your advantage,just like overweight comedians joke about their weight maybe u could poke alittle fun at yourself it just may boost your self esteem.
  10. VERY informative.....Thanks a bunch
  11. Is Green Tea and Tea Tree the same thing???
  12. After your deep cleansing use 100% green tea soap, has antibacterial effects and leaves ski very smooth. Helps with my son's mild acne
  13. i also have very oily skin, i believe the vitamns i take and my wash routine have helped significantly although i do take alot of vitanim A which you have to be very careful because it can be toxic in high doses morning and night Vit A,B6,C,Zinc, Echinachea,Coral Calcium
  14. This little regimine has not only reduced the size of my pores, but also helped to minimize breakouts. 1) wash hands with an antbacterial soap 2) wash face with antibacterial soap 3) wash face with a pore minimizing scrub ( I use ponds) 4) wash with 100% green tea soap also twice a week a use a 30% glycolic acid peel my face and pore size has greatly improved....hope this helps