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  1. I hate having to see those advertisements when I'm with a group of people. I always get the feeling that somebody is gonna say something like "you should buy that", etc. *shudders*
  2. Much of the civilized world has very little to no interest in Acne remedies. They're far too preoccupied with other things.
  3. My life would take a 180 degree turn. Oh, and I'd probably be drinking less alcohol.
  4. And once everyone has it, and it suddenly the "in" thing, we'll adopt phrases like: I've got bigger zits than you, or Grow some zits and quit being a push-over
  5. I would hope so, and I don't doubt it either, especially some of the people from my school.
  6. Hmm, in a poetic manner, I would probably express myself as so: Because when you're miserable, You need someone, Even more miserable, than yourself The ones who aren't human The ones who aren't people Are you
  7. Eh, I prefer BeachCliff Sardines, they're only like 60 cents here.
  8. Perhaps next time you might consider putting a "/sarcasm" at the bottom. :lol2:
  9. Not many at my school, either, son. But that could just coincide with the fact that I live next to an area with really fuckin' rich kids who probably go to their derm and ask for the starlet-acne-treatment-that-goddamn-rich-people-can-afford-and-nobody-else.
  10. I know what you mean, but instead of expecting someone to say that, I been in situations where people actually have.
  11. Sometimes I can't tell wether people are looking at my face, or just staring at me because of the way I dress.
  12. I'd say atleast every 30 seconds. It usually interferes with my other thoughts when I'm not thinking about it.
  13. Ahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha, and they tried to tell me money doesn't buy happiness!?? If I had to, I would repeatedly send monetary payments to this "overlord" that has the power to clear my face.
  14. Craziest shit I've heard all day: Boy with acne turns down hot fashion model. You should have atleast tried to go with her.
  15. I usually respond with something like "Been havin' too much sex for my own good". If I were to make a comment that showed I was angry, then they would know that they're getting to me, and thus, they win. So I try to avoid saying something like "say that again and I'll beat the fuck out of you".
  16. If people like that can't accept others as they are, then said people don't really need eyes, now do they?
  17. Does you honestly want to be with someone who is always after the "good-lookin" guys?
  18. I'm in the process of downloading it, which will take about 55 seconds, so I'll let you know my thoughts when I'm done.