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  1. I hate having to see those advertisements when I'm with a group of people. I always get the feeling that somebody is gonna say something like "you should buy that", etc. *shudders*
  2. Much of the civilized world has very little to no interest in Acne remedies. They're far too preoccupied with other things.
  3. My life would take a 180 degree turn. Oh, and I'd probably be drinking less alcohol.
  4. And once everyone has it, and it suddenly the "in" thing, we'll adopt phrases like: I've got bigger zits than you, or Grow some zits and quit being a push-over
  5. I would hope so, and I don't doubt it either, especially some of the people from my school.
  6. Hmm, in a poetic manner, I would probably express myself as so: Because when you're miserable, You need someone, Even more miserable, than yourself The ones who aren't human The ones who aren't people Are you
  7. Eh, I prefer BeachCliff Sardines, they're only like 60 cents here.
  8. Perhaps next time you might consider putting a "/sarcasm" at the bottom. :lol2:
  9. Not many at my school, either, son. But that could just coincide with the fact that I live next to an area with really fuckin' rich kids who probably go to their derm and ask for the starlet-acne-treatment-that-goddamn-rich-people-can-afford-and-nobody-else.
  10. I know what you mean, but instead of expecting someone to say that, I been in situations where people actually have.
  11. Sometimes I can't tell wether people are looking at my face, or just staring at me because of the way I dress.
  12. I'd say atleast every 30 seconds. It usually interferes with my other thoughts when I'm not thinking about it.