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  1. just a question, when you say wash it off (vinegar), are you washing it off using soap or just flush water on your face for a while?
  2. Hi, I kow i've asked this a few times already, but I haven't got an answer, so I figure I will ask again. Can anyone tell me where I can get the 8% glycolic acid peel? Thanks
  3. are they available at local pharmacie by any chance or do I have to buy it online?
  4. just wondering, is the acid peel suppose to also reduce scarring?
  5. just wondering. Someone mentionned a 8% glycolic acid peel that he/she applies daily? Is it safe to use both the 30% and the 8% at the same time. And if so, is the 8% available in local pharmacies?
  6. just wondering, what kind of moisturizer should I be using. I got this thing called "Marcelle oil-free multi-defense lotion". I'm not sure if it is any good.
  7. I just had my applied yesterday. I don't know if I did a minute or not, but I didn't feel that much discomfort. The only time I felt burn was when I put baking soda on it. And that only lasted a second. Before and after, I felt some discomfort, but nothing dramatic. I'm not sure if I should leave it on slightly longer or what. My face got slightly redder after being applied, but not much. Today, the tone of the skin is pretty much the same. Also, can I take antibiotic and this stuff at t
  8. thank you. should I apply on just the affected areas or the entire face?
  9. Hi, I'm just wondering. I got the product today. how much of it should I pour on the cotton pad? And how much baking soda should I use?
  10. Emu oil moisturiser seems pretty popular here. Just wet your hands and pour some bake soda onto them and rubs your hands together until its a somewhat paste. Add extra water to your hands if necessary. ←
  11. sorry, I'm a newbie here. I read so many regiments that I don't know what to use. I already bought the 30% glycolic acid off ebay today. Is there any advise on what moisturizer I should use? One that does not increase your change of getting more breakouts. And, how do you exactly apply baking soda on your face? do you just put the powder on there? or do you mix it with water?