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  1. Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Underoath - Some will seek forgiveness others will escape Underoath - A boy brush red, Living in black and white From first to last - Emily From first to last - I like you better before you were naked on the internet From first to last - Ride the wings of Pestilence From first to last - Note to self
  2. i haven't, it'd be a bit hard to eat lots of those little seeds
  3. I have them right now, and I just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about them? It says how many to take, but it doesen't say how to take them? Food? Water? Swallow?
  4. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...=BUY-PLST-0-CAT Anyone ever tried this pill?
  5. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...=BUY-PLST-0-CAT Anyone ever tried this pill?
  6. Just answer my question? Please. , Do cigarettes cause acne? Or even blemishes? I don't see a difference in my skin when I smoke, and don't smoke, I ran 2 test, 5 days without smoking, 5 days with smoking, and it stayed the same, cleared up, came back, then i smoked for 5 days, and stopped for 5 days, and my acne's the same?
  7. ask your doctor that prescribed you accutane
  8. It did say results in 1-2 days, and almost perfectly clear in a week, so thats solved.
  9. Yeah but I don't have many zits, its just I can squeeze, even the clear places of my face, and white stuff come out? Should I see a derm? Idk what to do? unless theres something I can buy at walgreens to get rid of this?
  10. Ok, the thing is, I can squeeze any part of my face, and white stuff comes out, what is this? Is this healthy? How can I get rid of it? does anyone else have this same problem? Note that the white stuff that comes out, is pretty much the same thing that comes out of whiteheads...cept its more...thick, not gushy...and I have mild acne around my mouth, mostly just bumps
  11. BUMP.........I need replys fastt
  12. Jesus christ you guys act like sex is bad or something
  13. WHERE DO I GET B5? In the stores I find Vitamin b50, b6, but never b5...where do I get it?
  14. Doe's smoking cause acne?..? (Cigarettes)...ohh..And sweating?