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  1. lala

    It works

    It works

    B5 helped clear my acne when I was younger, then I stopped taking it, but slowly the acne came back. Started it again and it cleared my cystic acne for 8 months until I by accident took flax seed which caused me to break out again. I do get concerned that it'll cause depletion of other B vitamins, especially Biotin. I've had my blood checked a few times and at least B12 and folate are within the normal range.
  2. lala

    Caused cystic acne

    Caused cystic acne

    This is the first review I've written- to warn the acne prone to stay away. My skin was clear for 8 months on the B5 regimen, then I started taking flax seed for my health and woke up to an acne cyst and now have a scar. Stay away!!!
  3. Hey guys, I have a few rolling scars on my chin. My acne is fairly dormant but I break out incredibly easily in cystic acne with triggers. For example recently had a chem peel and broke out in another acne cyst which has left a third scar on my chin- can't deal with that one yet. Went to a derm- he suggested dermastamping or dermal fillers. I'm terrified of any procedure that could result in a breakout of cystic acne. Has either of these been known to cause acne breakouts, and which one provid
  4. I've read the posts on here about taking a multivitamin. I am on the B5 regimen (one of the only things that has worked for my acne), and I also take l-cysteine to prevent hair loss (working so far and I've been on the regimen awhile). My question is -should I take a multivitamin or no? I'm too scared to take a b-complex because I've heard of people breaking out in cystic acne (what I'm trying to prevent). I've been taking a multivitamin, but people also describe their skin getting worse on a mu
  5. Really? So you're supposed to wait that long before treating a scar? How come ?
  6. Hi all, B5 was one of the only things that has cleared me. Used it in my teens and cleared me (along with tetracycline). Stopped it in my 20s, acne came back, and I recently restarted at 5 grams. I've been told to take it with l-cysteine to prevent hair loss and increase its effects. I'm still somewhat concerned about taking these vitamins health wise. I did email a biochemist/nutritionist about B5 who said there was no toxicity associated with it even in very high doses. I was wondering other
  7. Hi guys, I'm a long time acne sufferer- from age 9-27. I typically have blackheads and 1-2 acne cysts a year now. Recently I got a chemical peel and broke out in an acne cyst. So frustrated. Anyway I'm just wondering, does cutting out dairy really work for cystic acne? Has anyone tried this? And if so- what do you use as a replacement for delicious cheese? I can do without milk and can buy almond milk, but I'm a cheese fiend.
  8. Hey guys, I'm a long time acne sufferer- since age 9 and now 27. My acne has been fairly under control, with maybe 1-2 cysts a year after triggers. I have a few rolling scars on my chin that are hyperpigmented. Recently I decided to get an AFA clay peel- essentially a chemical peel, and broke out in a huge cyst on my chin. Feel so depressed right now because my skin was decent before. Anyway- I've had a few cortisone shots for it which haven't done anything. It did come to a head several time
  9. No I'd definetly rather have acne. First of all, if you're fat u have to battle it your whole life, especially if you get fat when you're young, whereas with acne it goes away eventually and people with acne have the nicest skin when they get old. Not as many wrinkles
  10. it sounds to me like watever she got is temporary, since the doctor could not find any tissue damage. And if the doctor she saw isn't worried, I don't think she should be either
  11. with the high blood pressure thing, i know there was a study done for about a year on people where they gave them megadoses (10 g) of B5 to treat acne. There were absolutley no side effects except for the usual minor ones, and I'm sure they would have tested blood pressure.
  12. you can get bottles that are a 1000 mg which is much more conveniant. B5 is like accutane, it works better in larger doses, so 4 pills of 500 mg might not work as well. anyway good luck, it cured my acne
  13. tried that too, i think that if your skin take it that's fine, but i found it very harsh and drying and not worth it
  14. hm...maybe. but i've been using it for a couple of weeks and i actually got a couple new blackheads, in weird places like my cheeks and forhead....but i love it, it makes my skin really soft
  15. What prescription med do you guys think is the best for blackheads? Like tazoric, or differen, or what? I have no active acne on my face except stubborn blackheads on my nose and chin