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  1. lightgirl

    Lightgirl's Fraxel Photos

    Scars on right cheek
  2. Hi Colin, That is a really good question. You don't actually see a line around the treated skin that looks different than the normal skin like some pople might see after CO2. The treated skin feels softer than the rest of the skin--the tone of the treated skin looks healthier, but does not stand out from the normal skin--It is just less discolored from the scarring. The skin tone of the treated area almost blends in better with the normal skin than it did before. Does that help at all? I
  3. Sirgreg, I am still here! Just waiting a bit to see how my skin heals from my 5th treatment before I post any comments! How are you?
  4. A month after the second treatment, which was right before my 3rd treatment. Very subtle, but noticeable softening of one particular area of the scars. I did not notice benefits to the tone of my skin until after the 4th. The most improvement I saw with my scars was after the 4th treatment as the collagen rebuilding continued doing its thing. It is a gradual process and you continue to notice changes to your skin as time goes on--not everyone has had this experience as I think Ryan02 has not not
  5. Hi JennyL, Can you tell me the name of your doc. and how much he is charging? The lowest I could find in LA is $1k each and that person is all the way in Sta. Monica. How are your treatments going for you so far? Thanks. ← Hi, I haven't started the fraxel laser treatment yet and the only quote I've got was from a doc in SD and he charged about $1750 per treatment. Which doc quoted you 1K per treatment? JennyL ←
  6. Why would anybody get a temporary filler when they could get a permanant one? I would drive clear across the country and pay a lot more to really fix my face rather than having to keep doing it all over again. WHy doesnt everybody get the permanant stuff done? ←