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  1. Try a serum with topical Vitamin C and MSM cream mixed together. working well for me and i'm just off accutane. it's not a peel.
  2. I was pretty enthusiastic about getting a tattoo but I realized I just got off Accutane... What should I do?
  3. Try cutting down on all that rice, and replacing it with nuts or something.
  4. You should eat them right after having finished the meal. As for those in powder form that require meals .. I don't know what to do myself. Will waiting thirty minutes after the meal be as effective as drinking it straight after? What about drinking the supplements right before eating?
  5. For my sake and the sake of those who will soon be or are already in the same boat, I propose a comprehensive list of products or techniques which can or shant be used until 3 or even 6 months off of Accutane. Can's Emo oil Jojoba oil MSM (internal and external) Vitamin C (internal and external) Topical DMAE + Alpha Lipoic Acid Lemon water Neosporin Cant's Lasers Microdermabrasion / AHA peels / Glycolic acid ... What the jury is still out on, need your help! please specify 3 or 6 mont
  6. I will say that I believe milk and bread significantly contributed to acne breakouts when I last had them, but on to something I think is more interesting... I have been on Accutane for over 7 months and am about to get off. It cleared up acne real nice although I have redmarks and scars. My face is also prone to flushing. Dan, I don't know if you know much about inflammation but I think it is a significant contributor to acne. I don't get pimples from diet now but I have been eating healthier
  7. thats stupid dertamotologing .. I was up to 80 mg on my fourth month you need to get a higher dose prescribed by someone. O and, go atleast 6-8 months on it total to make up for a slow start
  8. It'll probably look kinda cute after the redness subsides - something unique to the rest of your face, like a freckle.
  9. I'm using a vit C serum mixed with a msm serum with very good results
  10. Take Vitamin C and MSM Creams, mix em to make a cocktail lotion - voila. They complement each other very nicely (data behind it if you're that type, my advice if you're not) It's doing me gooooooood.
  11. I believe the answer is .. Cortisone! It's why you always look less red / bumpy after sleep .. it naturally builds up.
  12. I actually think I have a non-thinning solution in the works. Give me a few days, but I think it's it ... !