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  1. Aquaphor also has great, cheap, relatively high concentrate Gylcolic treatments available. Drugstore.com adn Eckerds sells them in the US. Jenn
  2. I think it might be important to inject here that with exfoliatives, time is better and more important than amount of product. What I did for my huge blackheads (huge = pencil lead size) was not put any bp there (too much irritation, and also, I had no acne on my nose), and used a SA scrub at night, followed in the morning (after washing) with a Glycolic Acid Toner. You won't believe what it did for me. If I had a picture of the Before, I would put it up, even just to gross people out. Jen
  3. Same happened to me after a while, only I ended up getting really sick and when I went to the Dr., he thought that the "insane" amount of B5 was damaging the lining of my stomache and my immune system. I went off it ASAP. I guess it's everyones right to decide if and how to balance the risks and dangers of B5 and other cures with the possible benefits. I just didn't like the idea of loading my body like that, regardless of what it did for my acne. I'm not a Dr., but Accutane is essentially larg
  4. I agree. I would say stick by your man tho. Talk to him about it, and see whats up. And kudus for no makeup. Jennnnnnnnnnnnn
  5. Wow...someone holds a grudge I can tell. Don't know what I did to pi$$ you off so much, thus I won't apologize. And I don't know how a signature that declares men and women equal can be obnoxious. Why revert back to the fifties were women were defined and identified by their husbands? Back then, women couldn't even get a credit card in their names until the 70's, so unless your advocating that, I once again fail to see how that can be deemed obnoxious. Jen
  6. Taz works diffrently because b.p. only kills the bacteria. I'm pretty sure taz doesn't do that. But taz you only wear at night, and b.p. can be used in the daytime if your skin can handle it. Jenn
  7. I can see why it sounds insulting, but it seems quite logical to me. Jen
  8. I've been on taz for almost a year now and am very happy with the results. What I do is pretty easy: wash face, put on BP 2.5%, followed by moisturizer with spf 15 during the day. at night, wash face again, wait 20 mins, put on some taz, and go to sleep. Cetaphil is my fave wash that I've tried. I think Dan recommends it too. Keep with it. It takes a few weeks. I've never heard of Klaron, but if it's a topical, read the instructions. Usually death comes if you have any number of disorde
  9. Ok....if you got a perscription, make sure you read all the directions and follow them, and stick to it until he says differently. There are diff medications out there, but don't assume your Doc is a ditz - they made it through med school, and most everyone here is still in H.S or college. Listen to him/her, not what someone thinks they know here. The people chatting here are here because they don't have a cure, b/c they are just as lost and desperate. If they knew all the answers, then they
  10. I like St. Ives exfoliation. Be gentle! And there are a few varieties of scrubs from them, so if you have sensitive skin, go for that, because adding salisclyic acid won't help if it just irritates you. Jenn
  11. Ah...I did the vinegar thing for almost two weeks, didn't really do much but stink up the bathroom. BE PATIENT! It's soo hard, and I know how hard it is to face the world. You go out, see a couple with perfect skin, get jealous...Anyways, my cheesy epiphany: I have the pimples on my face, but my personality isn't pimpled, and if you know that and make a concious effort to push self defeating thoughts out of your mind during the day, it gets better. For future zits, try mederma when they're h
  12. I stumbled across this a few minutes ago and thought it was relavent to us. Its too bad too, because I was about to start looking into laser treatment for myself after reading about it in a magazine. I guess it's good to know now. Laser Treatment Fails Here is the text if you don't want to click on the link: Laser treatment fails for acne sufferers CHICAGO (Reuters) - Treating acne with a laser does not appear to work, according to researchers who conducted a 40-person study. Most ado
  13. :smile: I used it, didn't help. I like Mederma, it's pricey, but you put it on as soon as the pimple starts to go down, and in a few days, you'll never know something was there. It's help moderately with old red marks, I'd say it has faded them 35%. Jen
  14. Piece of crap if you ask me. Didn't really help out at all, tho I did like the fresh-tingly sensation. Hope it works for you. Jen
  15. If Tazorac made you red, maybe you weren't putting on sunblock. I don't think it's job is to stop oiliness, but yeah, when you put in on at night before you go to bed, then it wont matter if it made your skin look oilier. The only bad thing about most acne medicine, including differin, retin a, and tazorac, is that you do break out more at the beginning. Differin didn't work nearly half as well as tazorac does, but then again, everyone is different. Jenn