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  1. come back you!

  2. happy belated bday!!!! :)

  3. :( miss u narcy xx hope things are going well
  4. get your butt back here! :)

  5. miss you narci <3

  6. 11:44 AM Sunday, July 23, 2006 Fini.
  7. Can I ask who you saw, etc. for future reference? I am thinking of needling for my mild scarring next summer (as I'm on Accutane now and would be done with it late June/early July).
  8. Someone help me out here. I lost track. (I checked.) Day 32 (4 weeks 4 days) No update for today. I saw my dermatologist yesterday. It went well and was quick. He gave me an Accutane patient essentials sample box, containing samples of moisturiser, etc.
  9. Good luck to you too! Congratulations on your success.
  10. U sure u were alone narc. :whistle: No, I woke up and found you were the pea under my bum. :razz:
  11. Day 15 (2 weeks 1 day) Almost clear except for random bumps on my sides, not to mention, red marks and slight scars/mild scarring. My lips are drier and my skin is a tad drier. My skin looks a little flushed/red, and my pores look like they've shrunk somewhat. No other side effects noted yet. Last night, I sat for hours on my bed and I woke up with a sore bottom. It's either my bed is bad and I can feel the springs in it, or Accutane has made me the Princess (or Prince rather) and the Pea. A
  12. Cool, Dan and Joel! I think it is great.
  13. Accutane is prescribed based on one or a combination of the following list: - severity of acne - resistance of acne - scarring potential Some physicians also consider the spread/coverage of acne. Clearly, kanmi does not qualify based on the severity of acne as I believe she falls under mild. However, the persistance of her case of acne despite all the prescriptions ought to prove something. Plus, she did mention she's got scars, which means the potential is there. I do think it is a personal j