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  1. I've tried using Oxy and i didnt like it, left my skin also feelin greasy which was horrible. Im from the UK to and i use this cream called Brevoxyl which is 4% BP and im pretty sure you can get it from the pharmacy, if not then definatley from your doctor, thats where i get mine from :D/ . It doesnt leave your skin greasy and works great for me.
  2. Its supposed to help clear red marks left over by previous acne. I havent tried it yet but will be soon.
  3. Like Dan said, using a stronger BP like 8% isnt always best. If i was you, try getting hold of a product with a lower percentage of BP in (i think Neutrogena on-the-spot is recommended, which is 2.5%). I use Brevoxyl which is 4% BP and that gives me alittle redness but nothing i cant cope with. I definatley think that the 8% is to irritating for the skin, and also, you don't just put it on the spot, but all over the affected area.
  4. Kind of like you, i exfoliate, but i use an exfoliating face wash which helps to take the dry skin off. I like the idea of using the toner so im gonna give that a try, and also the sunscreen instead of the moisturizer. I find that when i use moisturizer it seems to make my face alittle worse, nothin serious just i'd end up with a few more spots then when i wouldnt use it. Any certain kind of sunscreen i should use?? Thanks for the suggestions anyway!
  5. If i was you i'd definatley still go and see the dermatologist, wouldnt want to miss out on the chance. Hopefuly he could help you get rid of some of the red marks, and help get your skin smooth.
  6. http://healthyhighway.com/Products/HH301/HH301.htm Theres a link if you would like to check out more about it. I have been using it for about 4wks now and i have to say, it does work great. The good thing about it is, its totally natural so it isn't as harsh on your skin as some of the other products you can get. It dries out your skin alittle and you can easily notice the difference in say 2 or 3 days. If your desperate like i was ](*,) then give it a try! Good Luck!!