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  1. The only thing that I know about my roommate is what she looks like through Facebook haha! I just feel like everyone is judging me especially since I'll be going into Diet and Exercise and so obviously I don't look the part. She's going into Kinesiology and definitely looks the part. I'm just afraid she'll think I'm unhealthy or don't put enough effort into my health because I have acne. Like i said in the previous post...you are letting the the most negative thoughts and "what if" situatio
  2. Ok, many intricate penny gobbling methods out there. But for what cleared me personally? i don't know. It may have been simply time and the natural order of things...btw i still have bad skin,but no acne..just lack of sunlight. You can ask for a more detailed explanation later. But in the two or so years where my acne seemed to clear up, probably less than two years...year and a half? we will go with that. I can only think of two things that may have caused such revelations...dun dun dun!! On
  3. Did you take such advice when given to you indigo? I always found that my acne ego got the better of me no matter how sound the advice given to me was when i was younger, everyone and their actions revolved around me and my skin condition...i think miss december will also have to go through that no matter what we say. Tis a tough and scary learning curve...but i think most folks suffering with acne go through with it atleast once. Most definetly beneficial, but not a comfortable experience to
  4. Hmmm tis a tough one for sure! When people have bad skin and look at others who have perfect skin with very little effort they tend to assume the worst in that persons personality.. Can i ask how you know your nightly/morning regime or diet etc is going to affect this room mate of yours? Do you know her? has this topic came up before? And there is nothing to be ashamed of, i can guarantee the fear and constant what if's racing around your mind are much worse than what will actually happen at col
  5. ashley changed it and now she has to send you an invite to ur email so u can come talk to us, gimme ur email and i will tell her! or just pm Jezerball :D

    im so happy that you're back yaaaaaaay :D

  6. Nope! site says password not correct!? registered copy/pasted and everything :(

  7. Hellooo! Mod? Everyones a mod these days...in any case hope you are good and dandy! :)

  8. tea tree oil...dun dun dunnn!!! = overrated,sadly . Yah it's great for all your cuts and bruises.I have used it for that before and it works wonders.Acne? nope...nadda...zilch. With the oil it can *sometimes* make a very inflamed,evil and communist zit die down. But apart from that i have yet to see it do much. I am glad it helped you but i have yet to see much science or results in a larger populace to deem it worthy as an acne combatant.
  9. holy shit ross!!!!! zomfg! <33333, chat is gone, but you can still talk to us here: http://www.chatzy.com/226070428126

    password: poop

    i missed yaaaaaaa

  10. Sadly most people always think the worst of their situation.Acne? bleh....in the larger scheme of things! does it still completely and utterly disrupt someones life? you bet yah.That doesn't mean it is any less a burden on folks.We all see reality as we want it to be.Sometimes it is exaggerated more than it should be and vice versa.The goal is to be completely fulfilled with no remorse as to what you think you should be or can be in the eyes of society and the cultural *norm*.Hard to attain such
  11. Mwah! How are you intox!? Hope you are doing good in any case! can't remember how to get to the chat though...brain fart if you will.hmmm? acne.org has a strange layout these days if i say so myself.

  12. American football? you hardly even use a god damn foot...bunch of marxists..ok i agree that karl's ideology was somewhat abused but this topic has nothing to do with acne as far as i can see.Jaffa dislikes such nonsense.