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  1. Are eggs and nuts okay to eat? From what I've gathered eggs are okay aside from having alot of Omega 6, but purchasing eggs fortified with Omega 3 counters that for the most part. As far as nuts go I was always under the impression that nuts were bad for your complexion but people on the boards seem to say otherwise??
  2. I have personally noticed no affect on my complexion from soy, though I don't eat very much of it. A REAL cure instead of controlling it would be nice, but I'll take what I can get. This lifestlye while slightly irksome, doesn't cost me much extra in the way of time or money; its just not as much fun. I can deal with that, hell I'd dunk my head in a piss filled toilet if thats what it took. It is difficult when going out to eat with friends, when you can eat almost nothing on the menu or ha
  3. I'm 25 years old, and ever since puberty I've had a disgustingly oily complexiion with a light to moderate acne problem ( always 1-3 active zits, standard pustules). My face literaly dripped and if let unchecked the oil would leak into my eyes and burn like the dickens. I've been fighting it for years of course with a variety of methods, but only in the last 6 months have I finally managed to fix my face so to speak; mostly from using tidbits gleaned from the acne boards heere a
  4. Is Soy, and soy milk okay? How about tofu? Its considered a bean not a nut and beans are okay right?
  5. I'm taking WOW brand Omega 3 Fish oil pills but I noticed according to the ingredients, it comes from anchovies, sardines and mackerel. Another more expensive brand I saw claims its oil comes from deep ocean cold water cod or some such. I was just wondering if it mattered or if fish was fish? Also is it true that drinking ACV interferes with your bodies absorption of Omega 3?
  6. I want to get in on some of this broccli action.. I bought WOW brand broccli extract pills 850 MG each from bodybuilding.com, do you think their okay? I use their Omega 3 so I figured I might as well stick with the brand. Also I noticed on the bottle it said keep refrigretaed to keep potency, so I suggest you keep yours in the fridge as well even if it doesnt say so.
  7. I've been trying to drink just water and seltzer but the complete lack of sugar is extremely difficult to swallow ( pun intended). Is stuff like apple and orange juice okay? I'm of course talking about drinks that are 100% juice with no additives, not stuff like fruit punch. Also does anyone know if corn syrup solids is the same thing as HFCS or is it okay for consumption.
  8. What is blotting? Is that using those special pads to wipe away oil? Is it safe to blot? How often can you blot? What is the best brand for blotters? And since I'm already making a new thread anyway, about ACJ...is it safe to drink it straight and people just cut it with water because it taste disgusting or is it bad for you to just take a shot of ACV?
  9. I'm 24 with an extremely oily complexion and a light acne problem ( usually 1-2 active zits but it takes forever for old ones to go away). I'm also living in South Florida and the heat and humidty ( specially now that it just turned to summer) are not helping. I've traditionally just used random acne washes, buying new ones when they invetiably didn't help. I'm been reading these boards for abit now and have cobbled together the following plan. Let me know if I'm missing something. Foods to avo
  10. I've been using Eucerin and while it fades quickly it leaves an oily residue which I soppose it unavoidable. What I can't stand though is that after heavy sweating or getting wet my face turns white. As you can imagine sweating white is kind of noticable and embarrising. Can anyone suggest anoth mostiurzer that works well with the BP wash which absorbs better? Thanks
  11. Someone way back said something about being cured of acne scars. I just started using the honey today but I will give a day by day play of any affects it has on me. If it doesnt do crap after 5 days I'm dumping it. Even if its crappy honey I figure after 5 days it should do something.
  12. At this very moment. My entire face is lathered in honey. I bought a jar on the way home from work and am trying it out. I will leave it on for 2 hours. I bought imported honey from Denmark, the ingredients say theres nothing but pure mixed ihoney inside. No clover either ( read earlier about someone having clover problems) It doesnt say raw honey though just pure and its pretty dark. But my Key food didnt have any raw honey. Think this Denmark stuff will be good enough?
  13. This is unreal. Honey you say? Damn I wish I knew about this a week ago, I have a job interview in an hour and my face could certinaly use some help. I will go out and buy some honey afterwards though. Wish me luck.