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  1. i get mostly whiteheads that i pick at which turns them into pimples i guess? a few blackheads on my nose. i used to get a lot of actual pimples but not so much anymore. mainly just whiteheads on my forehead and cheeks. a few pimples every so often on my temples
  2. so i have moderate acne and i was cleared up completely the first time (60 mg for 5 months)...acne started to come back along with oiliness 3 weeks after i came off of it. what are the odds im going to have better luck with a second course? if the derm says i can go back on it, do i have to wait a month before i can start like i did the first time?
  3. i have mild acne. there are times when i dont have acne at all. ive been on every topical out there and many different oral options. ive been on accutane before and had the best skin ever. little bumps starting showing back up 3 weeks after i was off 5 months of 60 mg accutane. back to mild/moderate acne and this happened about 4 months after being off of it and im on bcp now. want to get back on it, but idk if its going to make any difference... oh and ive officially been off of it for 1 year
  4. can you get spiro from an ob/gyn because im going there soon and my doctor doesnt want to prescribe it
  5. is the IB on a second course worse, better, or the same as if i were taking accutane for the first time?
  6. i started with mild/moderate acne and it cleared up after 5 months just like its supposed to. i was told my multiple doctors/derms that because of my consistent dose (60mg) that there was an extremely high chance i would never see a pimple again. my acne started coming back 3 weeks after i was done with accutane and now 3 months later i look like how i started before accutane (but slightly better)..if ive been off accutane for a little over 3 months and im seeing the derm tomorrow, am i allowed
  7. went on accutane for mild/moderate acne. cleared up magnificently came off of it, got put on some joke topical, acne started to come back in a couple weeks and back to normal after 3 months (back to just about how it was when i started accutane) i want to go back on it really badly because it worked so well..i also got it because of bacne and that still has not come back thank god. im not on duac/differin and its okay..dont really ever like topicals but im breaking out a lot again but they only
  8. OMG! this is exactly what has happened to me. i stopped tane and 3 weeks later i have bumps all over my forehead and nose but theyre not pimples, more like whiteheads. im am so frustrated though because i thought accutane would keep me clear for SUCH a long time. has yours gotten any better using duac and differin? because those are both of the topicals i have been prescribed. i am so worried that my face is going to stay like this because it was so perfect on accutane
  9. umm i was pretty much completely clear by month four and i was on it for five months. i still got one or two zits here and there. but 3 weeks after coming off tane, im flaring up again. im pissed
  10. ive finished accutane with great results but the derm put me on some bogus topical and now im flaring up again. trust me, its not bad though..im not complaining because its very mild..but we all want to be completely clear you know? so i went back to the derm and got switched to duac in the morning and differin at night. i used these before accutane and yeah, they sucked but i guarantee it will be a lot different after coming off accutane. anyone finished accutane and are on either or both of th
  11. mmmk well when i started accutane, i pretty much had pretty mild but persistent acne. seriously nothing worked. i went on accutane for 5 months 60mg a day. now, i loveddd accutane. i cleared up SO nicely and my dermatologists were in awe of how perfect my skin was at the end of my 5th month. so ive been off accutane for not even a month now, my skin has become super oily again and im breaking out. my next derm appt. wasnt supposed to be until 3 months after i stopped accutane but im making it fo
  12. mine started the first week of the second month and it was pretty bad. i have naturally mild acne so having pretty bad acne for 10 days suckedddd. but yeah your ib is coming
  13. If i go to my doctor and she gives me a yes for Accutane, how long will it take for me to get it? Can i leave her office with the prescription and get it right away, or is there a primary blood test and i have to wait a month? Im just confused..
  14. hey did you have an initial breakout? ive been using h&s for like 3 days and today my arms/shoulders/back broke out miserably
  15. i really want my bacne to go away fast and i wanted to know who has had success with using h&s for bacne and how long it took to make you clear