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  1. Maybe the olive oil soap is drying everything. Try avocado oil instead of olive oil for moisturizer.
  2. M.A.C. cleanse off oil ($20/5oz) or Lumene Rejuvenating Cleansing Oil ($10/6.8oz) - no it doesn't rejuvenate lol. Regular cleansers are too irritable to me.
  3. You can blot with anything, paper towel, tshirt whatever, toilet paper would be the best since its so fine it will absorb a lot. Don't waste your money on 'specially formulated' blotting paper...
  4. I bet Monistat powder gel - a 7bucks silicone mattifier will give the same if not better filling on the Dermadoctor overpriced crap. I often notice Monistat makes my skin smoother and hides pores and even mild pimples. It's of course makeup effect, Monistat covers up imperfections, doesn't alter the skin in any way.
  5. Everybody is different, but I am 35yo male and still oily, don't have active acne though, just a pimples from time to time especially when I eat too much sugar. I can't estimate if the oiliness decreases with aging cause I don't remember how oily I was in my teens. If miraculously I went back in time in my teens, I would not tolerate acne and the later acne scarring it creates but simply get on a low dose accutane, 10 mg/day. For oil control I use Monistat powder gel. Others use Milk of Magnes
  6. Does aramis really shrink enlarged pores? I've seen some pics where supposedly the pores were shrinked but I didn't see it ....
  7. Chemical sunscreens are known to be irritable or causing acne in some people. Physical ones, containing ZnO, TiO2 or combo ZnO + octinoxate usually cause less problems. For the face I use Sofina Lucent, it's japanese sunscreen, ZnO + octinoxate combo, very expensive and can be a little chalky at the required amount, but the only one that never gave me bumps on my forehead. Other ZnO sunscreens you could try for the face are Solar Rx by Keys (seems to irritate me and give me forehead bumps but
  8. The claim SA acid reduces oil production is a myth. I don't think it has any effect on the actual size of pores. Is your skin in the peeling phase? When you touch it, does it feel a little rough at places, like fine sandpaper, those are flakes that will flake off in the future. During the flaking phase the skin may appear not very good looking. Make sure your skin is not getting redder, if that is the case you have to reduce frequency of application, you don't need extra inflammation on top of
  9. No it isnt true. Toners just temorary tighten pores, the effect won't last more than an hour if any. If you have solidified or oxidized sebum in the pores that makes them visually more discernible but the actual physical size has nothing to do with how clogged they are. I've seen people that never had acne, nor have oily skin, yet they have pores - it's mostly hormones, genetics, aging not acne.
  10. You can try avocado oil, evening primrose oil or simply crisco(canola oil). The first two are non-comedogenic and avocado oil is pretty good moisturizer, just make sure it doesn't get in the eyes cause it sting and u may wake up with blodshot eyes.
  11. Avocado oil is another good moisturizer that doesn't break me up at all. It stings if it gets in the eye and in my opinion is too shiny to be used during the day but is great as a night moisturizer - you wakeup with even white hydrated skin, of course most of the oil ends up on your pillow.
  12. Any result on enlarged pores if you had those, not scarring?
  13. How did you find out you are sensitive to SLS in Cetaphil? If the cleanser works without problem for you, I would say keep it regardless of what it contains and theoretical concerns. If not, Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Cleanser doesn't contain SLS and is not irritable to many people. I personally prefer a little pricier option, which I have used long long time without any problem. It's a cleanser that contains oils and emulsifiers, no SLS or other detergents at all, it can dissolve makeup ver
  14. Monistat acts like cover up makeup. It doesn't interact with your skin in any way, it doesn't alter its functions in any way, it doesn't regulate oil, decrease it or increase it, it just covers up imperfections and oiliness. Correspondingly, it works any time you use it just like makeup. I use sunscreen every day and although it's not greasy by itself, it can't mattify the extra oil my skin produces during the day. That's why I put a layer of Monistat on top of the sunscreen and it works perfect
  15. Sleeping issues maybe connected to anxiety or depression. I tried Melatonin but it didn't work for me at all, I got prescribed Roserem but it didn't work either. Frankly speaking, one Tylenol PM beats them all, it really calms me down sorta helps my brain shut down at last and fall asleep, but it shouldn't be used on regular basis, just occasionally.