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  1. Perhaps next time mention that their has been documented permanent remision of up to 60% with treatments as low as 10mg. Maybe mention that his ignorance isn't in your best interest.
  2. Thats awesome man! As you may have guessed from my extended abscences I have become clear too. I'm very happy for us both.
  3. Sorry guys....I haven't been on in awhile. Obviously it's been working:)
  4. Been on for 3 [email protected] a day and my face is totaly clear I still have some bacne though. Still seems to good to be true. knock on wood
  5. Good to see your making continual progress. I just finished looking in the mirror and being absolutely grateful with how my skin is doing. This is truly some good stuff. Even when I have binged out on chocolate and junk food all is well. My Doc seems to think that 3 months is long enough to be on. I'll try it, but the first sign of my progress coming to a halt I'm jumping back on for the full 6 months. Which is what I think it should be anyways at such a low dosage of only 20mg per day. I am
  6. I have noticed a slower healing time for my skin however. Redmarks definitely hang around a little longer I have noticed. You?
  7. I'm so happy to see that you are making continual progress:) I am also making continual progress.....it is so awesome. I used to have blackheads on my nose that if I squeezed them out they would just be back 2 days later. Now, they are staying gone. My face I am very grateful for so far, however strange as it seems, I think my back is having it's little tantrum IB right now, nothing super severe but a little more active than normal. But whatever as long as it continues to improve. Personaly I t
  8. Isn't this great? We both started at the same time so I'll just keep checkin with your log to know how long I have been on for Definite improvements have happened for me as well. Very small pimples, more like tiny white heads are the only active one I have had. Still getting a few large ones on my back however but I can handle that. I may even have to bump up to 30 myself if the back does not show any improvement. I am grateful now however with the progress I have made thus far. Congrats to us
  9. Congrats, now just learn how to effectively use the Caps Lock and you'll be laughin!
  10. Congrats on the accutane. Yeah, if your scared about side effects just start with a lower dosage and work your way up...simple. Guess we will be seeing you on the accutane logs now that you have a prescription. Congrats again.
  11. Yeah, I actually got a couple of pimples on the inside of my fingers....like wtf? It's all good now.
  12. I can't believe how much I slept for the first week or so. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Just wondering if anyone else out there has tried or is using vaseline for their chapped lips. Either its a huge coincidence that in the last two days my lips for the first time are nowhere close to as chapped as they used to be or the vaseline works extremely well for chapped lips. Anyone else?
  14. Good to see everything is going so progressively.
  15. Haha. Wanna hear a disgusting thought? Too bad....your gonna I remember thinking, almost wishing I would have a mosquito land on a zit and end up sucking out some of the pus...EEEWWWW! That sure would teach that little bugger a lesson..heh heh. Exactly.
  16. Why am I not trustworthy? Moe talkin chit for no reason. Why the beef? Come on Cru, we know you got the eggs. Just hand em over, ...nice and over easy.
  17. Ok, forget the acne, forget the accutane, and forget about any health issues,....lets talk about something truly important.....where are the f#@king eggs!!!? Mayday! Mayday! I think cru jones took em, told ya not to trust that guy. Dam,...nose bleeds. I friggin hate nose bleeds with a passion. If only the toilet paper in the nose look was in this year....meh. I tried the whole "toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe" look....I couldn't pull it off however. Need to work on my Zoolander
  18. Ummm, Rock Strongo Lance Uppercut Max Power Rockefeller Hercules Conan Doggy Poochy Too tired, I got nothin Congrats on the pup. Life is good.
  19. Awesome, sounds like you have found a dosage that works for you. I don't think you are too prone to any IB now with such a low jump in dosage. Congrats, you have come into taking accutane with an intelligent approach and it is paying off. Continued success. Best
  20. Day 28? I have a few new ones on my back. Not cystic though, jsut your typical ones. However my face is looking better than ever. Almost to the point it seems to good to be true. I can see what people mean when they say it looks like their pores are getting smaller. My skin is looking so gosh darn smooth. knock on wood. Chapped lips, but nothing to serious. As far as sides go thats it. My scalps a little itchy at times, conditioner helps. All I can say is "Where was this stuff 10 years ago!!!?
  21. Hey Ben ya doity bastad! Hope everything continues to go well for you. I know what you mean about those little one on the back of your neck. You've just inspired me to stop irritating the ones on the back of my neck as much as I do. Peace out
  22. Hey Bella, sounds like everything is on track. Your gonna love the results babydoll. I'm hitting 1 month and I can't believe how much of an improvement it has made on my skin, and know exactly what you mean by not wanting to jinx it. It's been 3 days since my skin has looked so much better han average that I almost just expect it to come crashing down at any moment. I never go this long without some new outbreak. Anyways....be well.
  23. Honestly I'm not sure why they wouldn't start out by only doubling your current dosage to 20mg per day instead of quadrupling it. Oh well. I'm on 20mg per day coming up on 1 month as of the 28th and my skin is looking better than it has since I can remember. I'm trying to make it to my own log so I can post the results but I keep coming across threads I wantt o post in:) Anyways, continued good luck you.
  24. The birth of the twins draws near! Oh what a glorious event it shall be. I shall wear my finest garments! Still have a bit of a scratchy throat? It's all that singin you do in the shower. Next time your hittin those soprano notes try gargling some water. Works for me when I'm bringin those 80's hits back from the dead in between my wash and conditioner. So you've got a Bruce Banner on your cheek huh. I had one on my lower jaw not too long ago and I made myself not touch it or give it any attenti