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  1. DAY 30 hey guys havent been on in a while, so heres how its goin now...my face only has like three bumps that arent noticable and the redness is 50% gone. i do have tons of blackheads now....maybe because im no longer using salicylic acid. what really sux is that i only have like two small uses left and my mom said she wont buy more the acidophilus doesnt seem to have any effect on the acne or the stomach problems i have that its supposed to help with (ibs and lactose intolerance) they actua
  2. ive seen a lot worse on this site...god it was just a joke
  3. we'll only know if we try it...ill leave it up to someone brave out there- im afraid ill wake up and be purple. and it might make acne worse
  4. DAY 18 i used the mask as a spot treatment last night and it worked pretty well....made the pimples look better, but didnt disappear. my face is smoother, with less bumps, and the redness looks better since my skin has gotten tan. i still wanna go to my physician and get some tetracycline and i need to get a new multi-vit that contains zinc and i read that as long as the iodine is not over 150 mcg, it should not aggravate acne, so i can now get a multi-v that contains iodine. also most multis c
  5. hey guys i just found out about this stuff and supposedly its a pill that darkens ur skin so that u can get the tan u want without the harmful sun or tanning beds, or messy nasty creams... go to http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/asn/cant.html to find out more this will be great to get a tan on ur face without going out into the sun, or putting on sunless tanners that clog ur pores
  6. yes the helmet will cause u to break out with that friction and irritation on ur head, and when u sweat and produce more oil like that during exercise...its a good idea to wash up afterwards
  7. yeah it is weird...if i skip washing my face a day...it looks better, but then after washing again it looks worse
  8. DAY 16 face smoother...less redness. i will now be able to get good sleep since summer school is over and i no longer have to wake up at 5:30. oooohhh i am still so god damn mad about my phone! my baby phone gone gone gone it was my favorite little gadget. this klear action has had its ups and downs. but today is an up...strange thing is that last night i didnt do anything to my face cuz i fell asleep watching tv. i got acidophilus and the mask. i will use the mask again tonight and also as an
  9. nevermind i found something by clean and clear- shine control moisturizer. has anybody tried this? does it work well? is it ok to use with my regimen?
  10. ok now tell me the difference between make up for men and regular makeup...is it not pretty much all the same? why pay so much extra just because it says its for men?
  11. it burned me too- but i liked it it made me feel real refreshed. i had a little (big) brown corkish colored plug in my skin for like 2 weeks and after using it the first time, it just disappeared. i havent tried it as an overnight spot treatment but i will tonight. go see my log in the personal regimen logs section to see how well this product as well as other products have been working for me
  12. use edge pro gel for sensitive skin. it has aloe vera gel and vitamin e. any of the new schick or gillette razors are great to use...they all have flexible blades, which is great, and make sure u change the blade often. ive used different gillette and schick razors, and the schick worked best for me. i think it was the schick FX. :::: splash warm water on ur face for a while, let it drip dry for about fifteen seconds, dry ur hands, then rub around a nickel-sized amount of the gel. shave down, th
  13. DAY 15 now acne is like the same as when i started the regimen. it doesnt seem to be getting any better, and im already through 2 weeks. i got the mask and used it on day 13, and i will use it again tonight. after using it, my face seemed just as oily. does anybody know of a shine/oil reducing lotion similar to the proactiv one? and i am so pissed because on day 13, at summer school i let somebody see my cell phone, and at the end of class he didnt give it back to me! i told the school and they
  14. yes they work for me....im on my second month. i dont think its good at getting rid of acne, but preventing it. when im on it, i hardly get any new pimples popping up. i stopped using it for like a week and broke out like crazy
  15. read this topic i started in the regimen forum and u will know why ii am against accutane