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  1. yeh mate im followin up on dis.. hows life.. dude dnt get into relationships yet.. wait for the rite one nd wen ur redy othawise heartbrk for all involved.. hows hsc goin? i gt trials comin up in 3 wks m so fuckd..
  2. hey buddy remember me? hows it goin man. good luck with this 8 month thing. i wanted to ask, how bad was your acne after it came back?
  3. dude dont use bp on it. relly. ull fuck it up so bad i had a cyst on my nose one time. i used so much diff shit on it, everythin i cud find i used i ended up fuckin it up. now listen, if it hurts, ice it, otherwise dont even do that. wait till it comes to a head, and i mean wait, cos if u even try n pop it erly and its unsuccesful think of it as adding 2 weeks onto its life, so yeh, pop it at the right time. leave it alone till that right time comes. no bp.
  4. 19 days isnt much man dw, itll kick in im jus worried how some ppl quit early and give up on it it works.. it works..
  5. ok its been a while since ive updated. its also been a while since i finished my treatment. no acne, and my lips have gone soft and smooth again. fantastic. i dont need any facial products now, not even vasaline.. ppl stick with treatment this is really the shit..
  6. i dont know whether im more positive then these people or anything but i found my accutane journey to be extremely easy and successful, i wish you the same. no sideeffects now that i have finished my treatment a week ago. no acne and red marks are pretty much gone. on treatment i had slightly dry skin and dry lips. thats all i had in terms of sideeffects. im hoping my acne doesnt return, but if it does ill be happy to do this treatment again. good luck
  7. itll happen dude, infact im wearing almost nothing right now and im very comfortable and there are others around
  8. i guess because i was on a high dosage for the most part, 4 months was enough yeah thanks i will enjoy this year you enjoy it too
  9. ok today i finished my 4 month course started on 80mg and was on that for 3 months the last month i cut back to 60mg at this point my skin is completely clear with hardly any redmarks looks and feels great. my lips are still dry (obviously because my treatment finished today) but ill update on when they turn back to normal will keep updating this thing. these 4 months have gone very fast and i hardly suffered any bad sideeffects. this was definately worth it.
  10. sex: male age: 17 accutane dosage: 80mg for the first 3months then 60mg for the last month length of treatment: 4 months (16 weeks) side effects: dry lips but i only just finishd my course
  11. if your suffering that badly i dont think anyone here can really help youd be better of talking to more doctors and trying to find a solution from them
  12. i started a couple of months before i turned 17 so thers no prob what so ever and it has improved my social life a LOT.. its def. worth it so talk to ur derm
  13. ive worn contacts throughout my 4 month course without using any eye drops or anything my eyes are fine if its bothering you, get some eyedrop
  14. even though u can't see flaking.. ur skin is obviously dry.. just moisturize often with a good moisturizer it happens to me if i dont moisturize, it becomes very sore and tight..