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  1. Hi Just a quick update:Im not sure how long I've been off accutane--in March I think I took 40mgs once a week. NO big pimples. Every now and then a small pimple appears but just resolves the following day. No big deal. Some oil is back, but not the kind I have to blot constantly. Only oily on the sides of nose by the end of the day. My arm/legs are back to normal; not easily scratched like before. So no more cuts!!! Hair is ok, lots of new growth along the hairline. I'm not as obsessed
  2. Bumping the topic up to the top before it gets lost.
  3. Any updates for us Coolbreeze????
  4. Judging from your photos taken after smoothbeam, your scarring looks softer, esp the sides of your chin . I see a difference. Thought these were interesting to look at (Australian site) showing diff. skintones/fraxel. Scroll all the way to the bottom to view acne scarring/fraxel. I do realize lighting is inconsistent. I wonder how many sessions each patient had or if they also had fillers??? Also, check out the 'collagen induction therapy' picture...wonder if results are really tht signi
  5. :doh: I had a feeling you were talking abt hair... wasn't sure what exactly abt the hair... I said alot of diff. things abt the hair. Dan, the guy tht started acne.org....the clear regimen... :whistle:
  6. I contacted several plastic surgeons/fraxel-ers; one initially said no need to delay but changed his mind after contacting Reliant (makers of fraxel) who 'recommend' 6 months. 4 other docs said 3-6 months 2 others said 2-4 weeks (but would need to check out my skin before proceeding) My own derm feels its ok to go ahead when my lips feel back to normal. (he hasn't jumped on the fraxel bandwagon, so Im shopping elsewhere) He actually did a few excisions on me whilst I was on accutane.
  7. Hi!!!!! Georgia, glad to hear spiro is working for you. Why are you on it though? Was accutane not enough?? or did bloodwork reveal any signs of pcos? I got so excited to hear you finally got samples! Are you still using stuff for melasma? Michael, how is your dad? HOw is your skin? Betts, regarding aromaleigh minerals, I think the Glissade formula is recommended for those with rosacea. my update: Im done with accutane. Stopped some time ago. Hopefully oil won't come back and no major zits
  8. http://www.pureluxecosmetics.com/wst_page9.html I find this to be quite helpful. Not the powder eraser, but the cream original eraser. The trick is to apply after foundation/powder, and it helps blur/diminish pores. If you don't wear makeup, just blend in over pores. But if you use too much, it will flake/pill/smear makeup. It doens't work under makeup for me as it will flake. There are mixed reviews of it on Makeupalley.com . I do use it sometimes and find it to be quite helpful in 'blurrin
  9. Interesting article Betts--thanks. That's reassuring. I guess my derm is on the right track. I do like the idea of not having to deal with an oily face....I just hope I don't get premature wrinkles....out of the pot and into the frying pan eh? My social life has picked up immensely when compared to last year. There are still some people in certain circles tht I avoid-- Im just not ready to present my battle scars (I think Georgia used this term and Im borrowing it) But more than anything,
  10. Hi Guys, remember me? I have been looking for our log, here it is. Changing moisturizers - a bit of a breakout - but overall I am so relieved and happy. Cat, glad you had a good vacation.....Can't believe that the derm is saying 'stay on it'. I have heard that too, that it is all right to keep on it...not every day. Have missed all of you. Much going on here! Hugs Betts Wondered where you went! What have you been upto? travel? RE: taking one pill a week; the side effects
  11. fickle weather!!! one day it rains...the next its hot. Today its in the low 80's. my new hair growth looks like it has a kink in it. Yuck. It sounds like the mini-fro you spoke of before. I can't believe you are considering spiro again. Do you like being a blow fish???? Actually, believe it or not, dermy still wants me on accutane. I decided to wean myself. He knows Im self maintaining...he just says 'well, I guess any amt is better than none... :wacko: I saw him this mornin