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  1. Day 11 Tripp: Yeah the headaches went away for me after the first few days. I noticed I get them if I don't drink enough water. So, stay hydrated. Kind-of-wonderful....thank you so much sweatheart! Yeah I can't wait to be clear! lmn: thanks for the motivation, man. I take my pill at 6:30 with dinner. I'll be starting my second blister pack. My neck is my biggest problem area, usually it's all bumpy with acne, and when I wash it in the shower it hurts like hell. It's been getting smoother fo
  2. Day 8 My skin is very dry, it's even hard to open my mouth if I don't put moisturiser on. My face is getting more oily, and more acne is appearing. Perhaps my IB? Usually I would be freaking out because I look so terrible, but I'm not. I know that in a few short months I will be 100% clear, so it's worth it. As far as side effects are concerned I've got the usual dry lips, dry face, mild nose bleed. That's not a big price to pay for clear skin. I was going to post pictures this week, but the
  3. Thanks for the great replys! Someone mentioned the cost of accutane, how much is it?
  4. I'm going to see the derm next week. I've been on Minocycline and Retin A, nothing has worked for me. I would like to ber perscribed accutane, so do I just let him know I want accutane or what? How should I word it? Is it hard to get perscribed?
  5. How big are the B5 pills, because I have a problem taking large pills. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the responces. I'm scared of putting bp on my neck now, I guess I'll just let it run it's course there, maybe put just a little bit on.
  7. I am 18, and started getting acne at about 14 years old, it started gettig worse at 16-17. This was my lowest point, until I found Dan's regimen. I started on this and became 100% clear in about 2 months, getting a single pimple only once in a while. I went of of the regemin for about 5 months, completely clear. I was so happy that I finally outgrew acne. Recently I'v gotten acne again, it's really bad on my neck and on my face. I don't know how this has happened...I havent left the house in
  8. I just wanted to do a little review of this product. I had gone through 7 weeks of CSR, I was 80% clear, and I remained that way for the next year and a half. I decided along with CSR, to try the ebook called, Acne Free in 3 Days. It cleared me up 100%. Since then I have quit the regimen and the ebook kept me clear for a year so far. Rachel on this forum told me about it *Thanks* Anyway, if you want more info you can go to http://acnefreein3days.tk/ - I would upload mine here, but thats probab
  9. I am clear now 100%...can I switch to doing the regimen at night, and in the morning just wash my face with my cetaphil cleanser? Also since Eucrin is extinct now, what is another good moisturizer that really moisuturizes, yet is not greasy, and absorbs fairly well. I had to do 60 pumps of eucrin each time. It took a long time lol. Most moisturizers I have tried like eucrin and cetaphil make me look like grease sticks. thanks
  10. Its been a year and finally I am totally clear .....anyway i am using the eucrin skin renewal and it makes my skin appear oily all the time throught the day. Is there another moisterizer that is better for this or should I be using some pads afterwards or what?
  11. I am a hypnotist and physicalities of your appearance such as skin has no coorelation with the sub conscience mind of which hypnosis takes over. dont be fooled
  12. I have been on the regimin for about 4 weeks my skin is almost 100 percent clear. I have oen question though, dan says to be gentle, but how can i get rid of the flakes that are attached to my skin without irratating it?
  13. I am on my second day of the regimine and It says to use a little bit more every week, but i was wondering if that means slowly increasing everyday or increasing only at the start of the week my last question is it says be very gentle but if im gentle when i was my face with the cleanser moisturiser leftovers are there unless i go rougher on it. what am i supposed to do here?