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  1. bump. I messaged here months back and got ignored. Don't want it to happen again
  2. Had acne when i was younger, pretty mild but that seems to have cleared up since i started only washing with water. Now i only occasionally get the one spot, usually only a couple a month which doesn't bother me at all. The reason i make this topic is because i've had dry/flakey skin but also quite oily. Skin will flake but it's been lots better since i started using a moisturiser for sensitive skin. If i don't use it my skin will feel tight with dry flakey skin that's only gets worse if rubbed
  3. Hmm. Can you suggest some of these natural remedies that might be good? Also...what moisturiser do you think will be good?
  4. Suffered from it for years. When i get out of the shower or whatever my skin will be flakey. When i wake up in the morning my skin feels tight and takes a while for the feeling to go away. I haven't used any products on my face for a long time. When i switched to just using water, my acne cleared up and now i rarely get it. Now it's just loads of highly visible open pores and my nose and a few surrounding. Flakeyness that i'll get anywhere on my face. Redness, sensitive skin. 'cause i haven't
  5. yepican. do you ever get oily skin? 'cause i do when i eat some foods or drink - i think thats just the large pores on my cheeks and nose producing too much. sometimes i'll get red really flakey skin flushes after showers aswell - think thats having the water too hot though. i think what you say about vitamin a may be more paranoia, i carry a lot of paranoia about what makes my skin do what aswell and you'd have to think that by now the deficiencies and stuff your getting has sorted itself out
  6. I've never bothered with supplements or anything, basically what i did was cut myself off from all those acne scrubs, started using just pear soap, acne cleared up but i was getting really dried out skin/flakeyness. Since then it's just water every night or every other night and i'm stuck with what i've got now. I'm scared to start using a facewash, let alone an exfoiliator aswell 'cause im not sure how my sensitive skin will react. Doesn't that cetaphil stuff leave a wierd film feeling on you
  7. I have something very similar to this. It's mostly frustrating 'cause if i go on a night out and i've had a shower, if someone grabs my face or something i'll get loads and loads of peeling/flakey bits and it 's highly noticable. Makes me not want to get to close to anyone - I only wash with water (have lukewarm water sprayed on my face via the shower). Another big problem for me is large pores on nose and it'll randomly get super irritated/red. It sucks 'cause away from this, my face is pretty
  8. My skin is always oily and flakey. If i were to run my nail down any part of my face (more severely my cheek and nose) i'd peel off a ton of flakey skin. Sometimes it's like it but not overly irritated (like if i've just woken up). Sometimes my face just looks too oily, red and flakey to cope with. I haven't had a great deal of acne in a good while, only the odd spot or two but nothing i can't deal with, it's the oily skin, huge visible pores on nose and my skin looking shiny most if not all of
  9. I know how stupid it sounds but im afraid of putting things on my face because of how senstive i think it is.
  10. When i wake up, my skin is fresh and dry. But as the day goes on it get's more and more oily. I also have a chronic blackhead problem in my nose. But it's so red and sensitive that i don't even think of picking them. The look like part of my nose, not like an actual black thing that i can touch, its actually under the skin. What can i do to 'cure' my red oily nose. I severely broke my nose 5yrs ago, would this have anything to do with it? Also, i'm a smoker of both rollups and cigarettes.
  11. But what about for power? Because my parents bought a new shower and it's really powerful. I'm wondering if it can cause irritation...
  12. I look in the mirror and my acne looks mild-moderate. When i look at my reflection on a window when the suns shining, it looks super severe. WTF. Damnit. Big confidence drop again v_v