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  1. hi. im on retin A for acne scars and a few pimples here and there. whenever i use this allong with my moisturizer and toner my face starts stinging. should i not be using toners and moisturizers while on retinA? or is this normal
  2. hey everyone. this is sorta OT cuz it doesnt really have anything to do with acne. it is just a make up question. i am horrible with make up, but i have a lot of it! my problem is i dont know what to do with it all. i was wondering if anyone knows a lot about mac and make up in general that can suggest some nice combinations between the colors i have. and which color goes where? heres the eyeshadows i have: satin taupe humid juxt sushi flower shroom hush haux shale honesty naked lunch re
  3. ok well i guess i have a pink undertone then! also..since u seem to be pretty knowledgable in make up...is it ok to wear the same lip/blush color with any eyeshadow color or do u have to get ones that coordinate? what color lips would look good with blues/green/pink eyeshadows? thanks for the help
  4. thanks for your help treasure! sorry i didnt get back to u about the undertone...but i dont even know what mine is
  5. hi. ive been off of accutane for 7 months now and havent had a pimple since. to answer your question...i do the spray tan all the time and it has not caused me to break out at all. good luck!
  6. Hey everyone. i need some make up help. i just bought a few make eyeshadows and some lipstick and now i want more! im just clueless on what colors to get. i have brown eyes, brown hair with blonde highlights, and fair skin but sometimes i tan. what colors look good on brown eyes, and can u recommend any specific mac colors that go well together? my other question is ... should you change your lip/blush color if you change eyeshadow colors or is it always ok to wear the same color on your l
  7. everyone is different. i was on accutane for 5 months. my dosage was: month 1- 40 mg month 2- 60 mg month 3- 60 mg month 4- 80 mg month 5- 80 mg
  8. Hey everyone. This is way off topic but i have a pair of seven jeans that are a little too short on me. ive never worn them and the tags are still on. they are womens size 27 and would prolly be a good length on someone about 5'2"-5'3". I bought them for $160 dollars at saks fifth avenue about a month ago and im selling them for $70 on ebay. So if anyone is interested check them out. They are really cute and are a great deal. http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-SEVEN-FOR-ALL-MANK...1QQcmdZViewItem t
  9. Hey Everyone. I've been off accutane for about four months now and I just had a check up appointment. My skin is perfectly clear but I am left with red marks and some indentation. She put me on retin-A now for my scarring and said it will get better over 2-4 years. Has anyone been on retin-A for scarring? how has it worked for you?
  10. hey everyone. ive been off accutane for about 2 weeks now. is it ok to start drinking again ? i know accutane stays in your for a month after so should i wait another couple weeks?
  11. hey everyone! I just finished my 5 month course on accutane. My doses were 40, 60, 60, 80, 80 and im a 19 year old female, 5'6", 120 lbs. I am pleased with the results because I do not have any more pimples and have not gotten any new breakouts. However, I am left with red marks which are the only things making me unconfident about my skin still. I think they look just as bad as having pimples. I really hope they will fade soon. If they dont fade on their own then does anyone know if ther
  12. Hey Everyone. Ive been on accutane for almost 4 months and haven't drank the whole time. Last night, however, I went out and had about 3 drinks. I'm a female, 5'5" and only like 120 lbs. I have blood tests coming up on wednesday and im worried that this is gona show up and shell take me off. is it ok i did that?
  13. Been on accutane a little over 3 months now. Skin getting clear but have tons of red marks. Are there any treatments that can get rid of red marks or speed up the process of the fading? How long has it taken ppl for their read marks to go away?
  14. hey everyone! so ive been on accutane for 3 months now and i just had my derm appointment yesterday. for the first three months my dose was 40, 60, 60 and now she bumped me up to 80. she was very happy with what she saw, and said my skin feels smooth for the first time. she said she only counted like 3 pimples on me. my skin looks like crap though. i have tons of red marks, and in my opinion look just as bad as pimples do. is this normal? i asked her and she said something like the accut
  15. Im just gona have bad skin for life i guess. if accutane doesnt work for me nothing will. ive been on for almost three months and still no results. at the beginning my derm said i should be clear in about 3 months. this sux! i hate acne. sorry for the vent
  16. Wow you look great! Ur skin looks perfect. I hope I get results like that. Ive been on for almost 3 months and still no results =( People like you still give me hope though. CongratS!
  17. Thanx for all the replies and encouragement. =) I was on 40 mg the first month and now im at 60 for my second and third month. I would consider my acne pretty severe
  18. ive been on accutane for like 2 months and 1 week or so. not seeing any results and starting to worry. this sux =(. if accutane doesnt work nothing will
  19. ok, thank u. does anyone else have any other input on this ?
  21. I have a lot of red marks on my face. they arent big pimples theres just a lot of red spots. i am on accutane so should these clear up?
  22. ps- i was on 40 mg the first 30 days and now i am up to 60 mg
  23. The title says it all... im on day 47 of accutane and am not seeing results. my skin looks horrible. i'm scared and losing hope. =( i thought this was supposed to be a cure for acne. i hate acne.