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  1. Maybe it explodes the pimple? Next time I get one, I will try it. Actually, I get a few on my shoulder and I will try it there first incase it does something strange like causes a scar or burns my skin off. But like I said earlier, I have licked those batteries and I am fine. I do have heart problems, though. Maybe not a good idea after all.
  2. Found a really interesting article about accutane and birth defects. The bold and underline parts are really important to me.... Under Federal Law, the manufacturer of a drug is required to revise its label to include a warning as soon as there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with a drug. The FDA has required Hoffmann-La Roche to revise their Accutane label numerous times. Because of birth defects and other serious side effects, Accutane has been before the FDA in
  3. Baby Blue

    Adult Acne

    It was a spam hit and run, I guess. Or what my husband calls a 'spam drive by'.
  4. I am on a quest to find a good/light nongreasy moisturizer. With my more mature skin, I really need something, but either the moisturizers are too oily or not moisturizing enough. I used to use Dermafina - I stayed clear for years on it - their moisturizer was the best ever!!!!! Never made me greasy and it moisturized perfectly. However, they went bankrupt and it is hard to find it anymore. I miss it so much! Any suggestions on a nongreasy moisturizer. SOmething light(more fluid, than c
  5. For those of you who are afraid of the 9 volt battery, my sister convinced me to lick one when I was younger and it shocked the hell out of me. It was funny, but it smarted. My husband does it every now and then to be funny. Don't know if it is unsafe. Anyway, I imagine you wet the area and stick the side with the pegs that stick out (I think that is the positive side) on your blemish. I bet it smarts like a mother. But hey if it works...go for it.
  6. I the same problem. Not just you. But maybe just us!
  7. Baby Blue

    Adult Acne

    Notice this thread is her third post ever. She joined today and started this thread about this miracle cure. Now I am not trying to be a debbie downer but here are my thoughts when people do this. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Why would a person that has found a cure for acne become a member here AFTER they have found their cure and tell us about it? Could it be that she is here for some kind of interest in this product -is it a financial interest? -is it a personal interest (frie
  8. wecome awoooga! I would think that a cortisone shot would help with any swelling and pain you still might have. I wonder if there is a window of opportunity when it comes to those shots; I don't know. I haven't had one, but I have friends that do it all the time with great success.
  9. I highly doubt that that Mint Julep crap will do anything for a true cystic lesion. I'm not talking about a just a big pustule that hasn't come to a head yet. I mean a full blown cyst. Like a hard, painful lump under the skin that is about 0.5cm in diameter, that will stay there for months if I don't treat it. Even if I glob on duac gel (BP/Clindamycin), it will stay there for at least 6 weeks, and leave behind a nasty scar..... I know better than to get pregnant on any medication (te
  10. I don't dispute that accutane is a cure for acne. I think that I even said that the derm told me that at my appointment in the original post. Accutane is not for everyone and it is not for me! I am of child bearing age and I already have a child born with 'issues' and nephew with major birth defects. My son was born with issues b/c of the tetracycline I took when I was pregnant and did not know it. I will not take that chance and I was giving people information other than accutane.
  11. SOme people will break out with spf's in their moisturizer (myself included); so I am using non spf moisturizer. However, my makeup has spf and that makes up for the lack of it in my moisturizer. I have yet to find anything I like better than Neutrogena Sensitive skin Moisturizer. It is oil free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and non-greasy. I actually have to look for moisturizers without an spf and that can be hard. I appreciate what skin care companies are doing, but fo
  12. I am a picker/popper too. It is a vicious cycle and like another poster said, my problem is anger and obsessiveness. My mother is a shrink and she said that it is actually a form of self mutilation to pick at your face like I do. I can sit on my sink counter in the bathroom and go for quite awhile. I notice I mostly do it when I am angry or nervous about something. I actually am on an antianxiety medication and my obsessiveness has really gone down and I don't pick nearly as much. However,
  13. Oh, sweetie; I am 29 years old and still waiting to grow out of it! I would consider seeing a derm b/c at some point your face might go from oily teenager to dry adult. That is what happened to me and I am on water based topicals to prevent over drying which can exasperate acne in adults. I also was put on glytone (not a prescription, but can't get it at stores) to help with the dead skin cells removal. It is also antiaging!
  14. My derm said the same thing about antibiotics and cysts. I wonder if something came out in the journal of medicine about that. Hee hee. Seriously, I was on mino and it helped a bit. I took it for a few months and it cleared me way up and then I didn't break out for months after that. I sounds like you don't need tane at all. If you only have one cyst and the rest of your face is 100% clear, then I wouldn't go through all the hassel to get it and then all the worry when you are on it.
  15. Me too. I have tons of red marks from my occassional cysts and they will not go away. I haven't started the antibiotics. She told me that if I feel a cyst coming on to take them for one week and it should go away. My only concern is building a tolerance doing it this way, but she assured me that it has never happened. She told me the reason why she feels that topicals wont work on a cyst is b/c it is already inflamed and there is very little chance that medication will be able to penetrat