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  1. Well, got the results of my other blood test back.... and my triglyc. are really high. So I have to stop Accutane, if my levels fall back to normal, I might be able to start it again. I'll get another blood test in 2 weeks. Wow, I can't believe how terrible I feel right now - it's so depressing. Does anyone else know anything about those anti-triglycerides or anything else that would help lower my levels? Please Michelle
  2. I had my 1 month checkup today - everything had been going good, or so I thought. But I had a finger poke to draw blood - and my triglycerides came back too high - he asked me if I drank... I've never tasted alcohol, and as far as eating and exercising I am EXTREMELY healthy! It just doesn't make sense. He had me go to the lab to get blood drawn, but if the results come back the same there, I have to stop treatment. I'm completely devastated !!! I'm praying everything comes back ok Mich
  3. Day 15 One and a half blister packs down! Still doin good. Eyes really dry, two contacts dried up in my eyes yesterday. Oops. Good thing they're disposable. Not much of a change. Oh yeah - and I was at work yesterday, I work in retail, and this guy was like "wow, someone got a little sun! where'd you go on vacation? have you been out on the water?" I was thinking... "if you only knew!"... I haven't even been out in the sun for more than a couple minutes at a time all summer. = ( I hate bei
  4. Hey Jen! Sorry about the breakdown - I about had one myself last night. I don't know if it's accutane or just that special time of the month , but I've been so emotional lately! And back to one of your earlier posts, I TOTALLY relate to the hating people to touch your face thing... I always pull away, not to be rude, just out of instinct, and I'm sure they think I hate them or something! I feel terrible, but I can't help it. I hope everything goes well with your bloodtests, and that you get
  5. Day 14 Wow - sorry for my little vent yesterday! Someone tell me to quit feeling sorry for myself, goll. lol. I'm trying to be more optimistic today. Anyway - on a positive note, I have now finished 2 whole weeks of my treatment. Yay! Only a zillion more to go! This is such a weird drug. I can definitely tell I'm doing something different than I've ever done before. I have a lil red mark show up, then it changes into a big ol white head almost right before my eyes, then I'll just leave i
  6. Hope you're having a good time - I'm sure jealous! Anyway, I'm a little bummed out at the moment. It's day 13, and the side effects are starting to turn themselves up a notch. Nothing too severe - but i'm dry and itchy everywhere - my scalp itches, my eyes itch - and I wear contacts, so that's not so fun, my lips are getting dry. The cyst on my cheek has come to a big nasty head and so has the zit on my forehead - right dead center I must add... how attractive And there are some cute littl
  7. So Yesterday was day 12, just got busy and forgot to post!~ Lips have been extremely dry - up to this point, lathering a ton of vaseline on every couple minutes was doing the trip and they didn't look dry at all... no they're starting to get a little dry no matter how often I try to moisturize them or how much water I drink. Skin sometimes looks drier at night after I wash my face, but when I wake up in the morning, it's fine - not flaky at all or anything. Kinda weird, but I'll take it. Any
  8. Day 11~ Still doin good. No side effects. Hardly any dryness. Not much to report. Michelle
  9. Thanks englishmuppet! I hope my exam goes fine, as well - I guess we'll see! Good luck on your exams, too.
  10. Day 10 Woohoo! I finished my first blister pack!! Yay! No side effects, skin is getting drier. Doing good. Michelle
  11. Day 9 I haven't taken my pills yet, but I'm bored and avoiding studying for my bio. exams, so I figured I'd update a little. No side effects - including no headache I'm starting to get a little drier though. After washing my face this morning, I had a couple flakies under my nose and on my chin - nothing bad though, not noticeable at all. I'll update again tonight. Good luck everyone! Michelle
  12. Day 8 Well, I've stopped getting headaches! woohoo = ) And still no other side effects - not noticing any real dryness, but I'm keeping my lips and body nice and moisturized. I'm kind of disappointed though - I think I keep waiting for this big "Hallelujah!" moment when something happens so that I KNOW the Accutane is doing something, that it's working! Hopefully soon? Michelle
  13. Day 7 - Wow! It's already been a week. Only a million more to go... lol Nothing really new as far as side effects - just took my pills. Skin isn't feeling much drier. It had a little bit of a reddish tint to it for part of today, but that seems to have faded. Cyst (?) is still there, looks the same - not bigger, not smaller. Aren't things supposed to come and go more quickly on Accutane? hmm. Oh well - hopefully I'll have more to report soon! Michelle
  14. Hey Precision! I just started accutane on the 11th, so I'm only a few days ahead of you. No real side effects yet - but dry lips, headaches, and feeling tired. I'm 18, too, with mild-moderate PERSISTENT acne - so we're kind of on the same wavelength there. = ) I'm also anticipating the dreaded IB, but if my skin has to purge all that nasty stuff to get clear, then I'm ready for it! Good luck with everything! Michelle
  15. Hey Jen! I'm sorry your skin looks like junk. But I know how you feel! You're quite a ways ahead of me, today's only day 7... but my skin is bumpy almost ALL over... and I'm definitely a lil scared about the IB - even though I do want to purge those little nasties! Good luck with everything! Michelle