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  1. Thanks for the heads up; not problem because I always read labels and know which ingredients to avoid. After so many years, you become a lay chemist!
  2. Bastek, that is great to hear. I guess you are having no side effects like horrible headaches. Good continued luck to you!
  3. No, that is not what I meant to convey. Don't use glycolic twice a day--just once. I reread my post and did not see where I had said to use it twice a day. So, now I am confused. Anyway, I am no doctor and everyone's skin is different. I am just relaying what I have read in more than one place about the use of salicylic (in a cleanser), glycolic (once a day) and benzoyl peroxide (once a day). My skin is clearer now that it has been in weeks past and I am convinced it is because of the gl
  4. Well, it has been weird. No more bad headaches but skin is quite sensitive and still very oily. All blackheads are gone but pores are still quite congested. About 3 lingering pimples, tons of tiny bumps on forehead, enlarged pores, and 3-4 spots that are flat but quite red and need to be covered with concealer. Still washing with Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash (you need to rinse heavily with this or it will leave a residue), using occasional witch hazel toner, using Duac in a.m. and BP or sa
  5. Shannon804, that sounds like good advice. Yesterday I did the glycolic (I had a sample that I had not yet tried) and then last night I did the BP with ice, and then I did my Duac with ice this morning, and I have not experienced roughness or dryness or overstimulation. BUT, I think that is because I am diluting it with the ice, which is a good a way to calm the skin, and because I am using a reasonable amount of BP or Duac, that I am not experiencing over-dryness. Now, I am 36 years old and m
  6. Perhaps you should if that works for you. Right now I plan to seek out the best 2.5 salicylic, 2.5 BP, and 10% glycolic I can find and my large Eckerd Drug near home is a good source.
  7. It may be bad that you do this but only in the sense that your cleanser should have salicylic and your treatment should have glycolic. So, you shouldn't use two treatments at the same time although those two ingredients are excellent. For more information, look for LatinAries' personal regimen log where she explains thusly: Use a 2% salicylic CLEANSER, leave on face for 2 minutes or so before washing. Rinse thoroughly. Then, apply the glycolic treatment. Then, use benzoyl peroxide but
  8. I, too, saw this book at Borders just about 2 weeks ago and sat on the floor and read it. Now that I have heard a success story I think it is worth a try. There has been a second Differin scrip waiting for me at my drugstore but I refuse to pick it up and the Duac I use in the a.m. is not really doing the trick either. I have "older" skin than most of you (I am 36), I have tried minocycline with horrible results (severe migraine headaches), and my skin is slack, rough, broken out, and wea
  9. It is hard to tell from your description but here is my advice: If they are tiny bumps under the surface or white stuff in your pores it could be that the salicylic acid is simply doing its job of exfoliation and exposing the infection (breakout) for what it is. Salicylic acid, the same thing found in aspirin, is an exfoliator when used on the skin. Keep using it but only once a day for the next 5 days or so and you should see an improvement. Also, use a gentle cleanser such as Purpose soa
  10. Hi Rich-E, I still have lingering headaches and I have stopped the meds for 13 days now! So, it was very severe. However, I believe the weather and barometric pressure honestly has a little to do with my headaches, too. It has been ultra rainy here in the S.E. U.S. So, mino may help clear up faces. But, headaches or not, it is not worth it due to the fact that long-term antibiotic use wears down one's defenses rather than building them up. It is summertime and hey, I am gonna break o
  11. I went off the minocycline due to horrible, terrible headaches that were entirely migraine-like. I threw up and nearly passed out regularly. I missed work and could not drive, do housework, or anything else. As soon as I stopped taking it, the headaches went away. Additionally, my skin has cleared almost completely. So, yeah, everyone is different. But, I am here to tell you: there is nothing wrong with doing topicals and also trying herbals internally before you try prescription internal
  12. Well, I am totally off the minocycline 100 mg/day but it has taken me this full week to recover. The migraine headaches were horrible and lasted for nearly three weeks. Because I have a very strict workplace I could not miss work and had to be here through it all. With the aid of a friendly co-worker I made it but it was enough to bring tears. So, I have sought herbal alternatives and found this regimen, which is working well with no side effects: -3 tsp. Noni juice daily -1000 mg MSM
  13. Was taking 100 mg minocycline per day, but it gave me HORRIBLE migraine headaches. I turned down any and all other replacements and use: -Colloidal silver internally and directly on face as a toner -200 mg zinc per day -2-3 tsp Noni juice daily -Duac in a.m. -Differin or salicylic acid in p.m. This works very well so far (it's been one week exactly). Check out herbtime.com for excellent NATURAL recommendations for acne and all other ailments. This is NOT my site--rather it is one I
  14. I stand by my stance of not taking prescription drugs unless it is a life threatening case. I have had the experience, over the last three years, of going to at least 9 specialists for various illnesses and in every single case I have been prescribed internal medications that did much more harm than good, and in some cases no good at all. I have permanent nerve damage, bone damage, and a hiatal hernia all due to medications that I was on for a short period of time and there are countless milli
  15. Week 5 was the ultimate nightmare for anyone taking prescription meds AND HAVING WORST BREAKOUTS, ever! My headaches got drastically worse. On July 3 through July 17, I had a migraine headache that came and went every other day. That's nearly two full weeks! I took Excedrin Migraine until it no longer worked. I dropped the Differin back on about July 1 because it was making me oilier and my skin was slack. Then, the Duac made my skin extremely dry, lined, and if one pressed against my ch