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  1. Yeah, I meant getting my blood tested, sorry for the confusion. Well its not getting up too quickly or anything, its just I could be sitting upright and all of a sudden I get light headed and it gets me uncomfortable. Yeah, I'm going to talk to my grandmother this afternoon first to see what she thinks, I have borught it up with her before and she thought next time I have one I should contact my dermatologist and maybe my next door neighbor who is a neurologist. She is a pharmacist, so shes been
  2. Hi, I've been taking Accutane for almost 4 months now and just have one more left. Recently I've noticed significant dizziness/light-headedness for no apparent reason, just like if I sit up reallytell after a moment or so I get light headed. Also one day I had a really bad migrane almost the whole day during school, I should have gone to the nurse, but I did not. It seems I have low blood pressure from all of these symptoms and I've passed out once giving blood while on Accutane, and then today
  3. My doctor just called, the one who looked after me after I passed out, she said it was because I was extremely dehydrated. It makes complete sense since I was soooo thirsty before I went, but I thought I couldn't have anything to drink, even water. So she told me to drink 2 big glasses even if I'm not thirsty and that is also why I had the horrible after effects, because I was still dehydrated. So yeah, yours was a psychological thing, mine was a physical thing :-/
  4. Hah, it sooooo bad afterwards. Like right after you feel never better and you're laughing and stuff at least I was because I thought it was pretty funny. When I was in the car on my way home, I started to get a really bad headache and I felt like throwing up, and thats how I was for about 2 hours. Its horrible, trust me, I thought I was dead for sure when I woke up from it for some reason. Also I felt like dying when you get the after effects.
  5. Yeah, well this morning was quite interesting. I had never ever passed out because of a blood test before, nor anything else before. I usually watch it and have no problems, I didn't even look at it today, but as soon as she put the needle in I knew I was going down. I guess she didn't even get blood out, its all over my arm still though, they forgot to give me a bandaid, they were too busy trying to help me out of the chair. It was the weirdest feeling ever, it wasn't like a black out, I was dr
  6. The acne I had before I started Accutane wasn't even close to looking as bad as yours. I'm suprised your dermatologist hasn't mentioned it before? The reason I went on it for the little amount that I had compared to yours and other people's on here was because we pretty much went through everything over the course of about 2-3 years and that was the only thing left to try. But I'd give it a shot, its only been about a month and its already clearing up.
  7. I'm just wondering whether it is the right way to take it twice a day or once a day, because I just met someone who is on his 5 month taking 20mg TWICE A DAY and is taking it for a total of 7 months. His skin looks absolutely beautiful, but we were both confused because I have never heard of taking it twice a day other than my grandmother who was complaining I was taking it wrong by only taking it once a day and he was confused because everyone he has ever known has been on it twice a day even t
  8. Just like I have not experienced any dryness at all yet on day 10, I have not burned at all and I work outside all day long. I've only worn sunblock one day out of the 10 days I've been on it and I have not been burned at all. Just tan on my feet, legs and arms, but I dind't have a burn at all or any redness before they became tan, so I have no idea what it does because I do not get any side effects. I want to go tanning though, my friend works in a tanning salon and she can get me a really good
  9. I'm on Amnesteem 20mg once a day and have not yet experienced an initial breakout. In fact, its already clearing up. I'm 10 days in though, but seriously, I'm already clearing up.
  10. I'm on it now, day 10 today. I'm already clearing up!!!!! I had moderate acne before I went on. It didn't look that pretty at the time I went on, I had just gotten off doxycyclin, so I had broken out the worst I had ever been and it clearing up already!!! 20mg works, well for me at least so far, maybe it won't for you, but I'm allso not experiencing any dryness, chapped lips or anything like that, just some lower back pain.
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the help. I hope it is just a one time thing as well. Whats funny is that would only be the side effect I have so far, other than lower back pain a little bit when I bend down or go to lie down on my bed at night. No dryness, chapped lips, bloody noses (not that I've ever gotten one before anyways), or dry eyes. Just so far results which is a good thing. Thanks though I will keep a look out for anymore outbursts like this. I was really suprised because I've been so happy sin
  12. Well, today I experienced my first breakdown in perhaps my whole life maybe and suprisingly after one of the best days of my life (yesterday). Well today me and my friends were supposed to go to the mall and I really really really wanted to go like badly. But we didn't have a ride home because all of our parents were going out for the night and so like I was really really like sad and I usually don't get sad and I even started yelling and screaming at my mom and I actually started crying for no
  13. I'm on day 8 today and I have not seen an inital flare up either. Also no dry ness, sunburns or anything and I went swimming today in the 95 degree sun without sunscreen and did not get red at all. I'm sure its still not good, but I was suprised I didn't get like any red at all. I am also on 20mg and on Amnesteem. I'm glad its working for you though! Hopefully it works for me that quick as well!
  14. That Beginning, Intermediate list scares me a lot actually because I have many symptoms on both lists as well as my mother has almost double. :-/ Thanks for the information. But are you saying if you don't do something about these symptoms they will turn into major diseases later on in life and harm you?
  15. That's good! Maybe I'll have to use that if I ever get any back after I'm done with my Accutane.