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  1. happy birthday, what a nice username.

  2. You know you are being a little selfish here sorry to say. People are not always what you perceive them to be. You may think they have the perfect family but in reality that may not be true. And the tall person you are jealous of he may not want to be so tall AND the people who have NICE material things have no baring on how happy they are with themselves. Just take a step back and look at things differently is what im saying basically. I know a middle aged woman that drives an Audi
  3. I have mild-moderate acne breakouts, normally people let me forget about my acne, BUT TODAY at work someone reminded me by saying something cruel. He said, "Looks like you have Chicken pocks" and, "THAT LOOKS LIKE IT HURTS!" well it made my self-esteem drop even lower than it already is and so i feel like sharing it so maybe guys have had something mean like that said to you. This is precisely why i dont pick fun at people... By the way im 21yr old male, if i was in grade school i probably wou
  4. You should never go out in public, i cant believe how bad your acne is! how do you live with yourself?
  5. My uncle has a pool with salt water. Its great :lol: Right on man, Best acne treatment ever, I also have a pool naturally treated with salt water (with some chlorine added). I cant stress this enough, I just moved to southern california and i have the best skin i have ever hadm not trying to bragm but if you don't have access to the pool or ocean you should look into taking a bath or something with salt water ive seen this on here or go to a sauna or something like that. Forget about apply
  6. I used to smoke , It never changed my acne. and i smoked a lot
  7. Everyone stop posting here please how many years is this going to go on? B5 does not do anything what so ever but give you diahrrea and maybe some other unknown side effects of this overdose. Ive taken it so i can make this statement. And im not the 1% that it doesnt work for. If you all want to be healthy stop ODing. If you think b5 does something id like to see picture that shows the AMAZING RESULTS from b5 and no other treatments! THANKS!
  8. Cigarettes, then ill try to quit. Then ill smoke a cigarette, then ill try to quit. so on and so forth.
  9. I graduated at 19 alternative schooling as well. you wont feel like a loser when/if you get your diploma.
  10. I eat fast food, junk food on a regular basis, not because im a fat ass its just all i can really afford. But about acne, the only thing i noticed that made me break out was peanuts... Not the ones in a can the whole peanuts that you can find in bulk foods section. Maybe its the oil i dont know but i dont believe eating pizza or anything will make you have a noticable difference in your acne.
  11. We dont live forever thats for certain... I'll leave you with these interesting quotes i found: A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic - Joseph Stalin Nothing is certain but death and taxes. Of the two, taxes happen annually. -Joel Fox Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. - Isaac Asimov Fear not death, for the sooner we die the longer we shall be immortal. - Benjamin Franklin Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as i
  12. I figured out why you post like that Avatar you are an attention whore. Who the fuck makes their own Q&A
  13. YEA AVATAR WAY TO GO! One negative post after another. Your screen name on here should be Melancholy cuz you are a depressing fuck. What are you doing this christmas burning down churches?
  14. HEY FOLKS! Its a sat night and im chillin on these lame forums WOOHOO! I found that the clearasil daily face wash works great if used on moderation because it can be overdrying! I use this twice a day. Sometimes just at night. Followed by Neosporin cream on the healing acne spots. Not a complicating regimin but it gets the job done!