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  1. So today at school I saw this guy i was dating a year ago. We only dated for 3 months and during that time my acne was pretty bad. He would make some pretty hurtful comments to me like "you still going through puberty" and when i had an extremly big pimple once said "are u stressed out or something?" while staring at my zit. I broke up with him because he was messing around with other girls. But anyways my face is a lot better since then. I cannot stand this boy because he is such an asshol
  2. DID anyone see the episode? I did and almost cried when Sabrina was crying! I understand what her agency was saying but its not her fault. I know when my acne was bad it made me not want to do things but being told that I can't do something because of my acne is a different thing! Kelly seem's really self absorbed and isn't very supportive of Sabrina. Things like this should be expected when being part of such a shallow industry but jeeeez. I only find him attractive when he doesn't tal
  3. So I finished accutane and am now left with a soft face with some discoloration and comodomes. I had comodones through out taking accutane for six months on 60 mgs a day. My derm told me I had comdome acne and accutane didn't work well with getting rid of this. IT doesn't look bad but Im worried about them becoming inflamed after the ccutane leaves my system. She gave me a perscription for tazorac cream.005% to start a month after stopping my accutane. Its been about 2 weeks since my last a
  4. Retin a micro worked wonders for almost three years. Then all the painful cysts came back as my body became immune to it. It didn't shrink any of my glands!
  5. In a way Im glad I have acne because it has taught me to have some damn compassion. At my job there is a woman in her 30's that get's really bad cysts on her nose. Today we were all talking about how annoying she could be ( she is annoying!), when one of my co workers says, "eww I can't help but look at her RED nose." My other friend giggles as the girl continues to talk about how nasty a green/ yellow pus filled cyst was on her cheek the other day. I stand there with a straight face because
  6. Im glad you went out and had fun! To some people any acne no matter how mild it is is considered "broken out". They don't understand what its like to have it really bad and then have it clear up tons with a FEW marks left. I remember some chick in high school asked me "why do you have so many pimples?" Little did the girl know that they were only dark marks and my cystic acne had finally cleared! A few weeks later she was aksing me how my skin cleared up.lol Im glad is working for you.
  7. Your right it won't solve all of our problems. But, it will be one less problem to worry about.
  8. "You have to understand, people, as a whole, are screwed up. Parents, although you may not notice it all the time, are going through a lot of problems themselves. When someone is going through their own issues, helping others isn't easy. They're just human, like us. " ^^^That was your response to my last post... Take your own advice.
  9. How do your parents or those close to you react to your acne and the ways it effects you? Im just curious. I mean my mom helps me pay for medicine and stuff but I can't go to her for any emotional support. About a week ago I opened up and told her how shitty I felt inside. How ugly I felt. She started yelling "THERE IS NOTHING ON YOUR FACE! YOUR SKIN LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT IT USE TO. I NEED TO TAKE YOU TO GET SOME HELP! I WANT YOU TO CALL THE DOCTOR SO YOU caN sERIOUSLY LOOK IN TO GET