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  1. I think I might have to go see a derm soon anyway. I am just getting tired of the scars and just want to know if there is any hope of anything working to fade them at all. So I am planing on it. I guess I just need to work up the courage to. :oops:
  2. yeah, I hear the exact same thing. In time, I guess your scars MIGHT fade, but if they are bad or if you have darker skin, they won't always. And why waste time just waiting for them to fade if you can do something now to help fade them?! Hey, I think if something works that you can do now to get rid of them, then why the hell not?!
  3. Yeah , I think I have done and been through it all though. I think I am just about ready for professional help because i have tried everything I can think of ](*,) It is so frustrating! But if something might work before I pay the BIG bucks for something, I will definitley give it a try.
  4. It really worked? How long did it take? I am always VERY cautious about trying new products from the usual. Even though I am not very happy with my usual , I don't want to break out like I used to. I need to get results as soon as possible because i am tired of wasting my life waiting for the marks to go away! Did it not irritate your skin? Just curious.
  5. I used mederma and it made my marks look even worse! Not sure how it would work for you though. That is just my experience. I feel like no matter what I try...those spots seem to be determined to stick around! ](*,)
  6. I am wondering the same thing. I posted on the "chest and back" -or whatever it was called, forum. I haven't gone to see a derm yet though because it feels really embarassing to me. I don't think i have ever seen anyone ( or heard of anyone ) having it like I did. If anyone knows of something..........I would really like to know too! [-o<
  7. I have large areas on my back, chest and shoulders of tiny acne scars. They are tiny (some bigger) raised scars. I have very pale, fair skin and it kinda looks like sundamage ( I think), but I haven't been out in the sun in years. I was wondering what kind of treatment would work since it is such a large area. I think this is past any kind of over the counter treatment. I need serious help here! It is just kind of embarassing to talk about it with anyone (even a family member) let alone a doc
  8. I totally know how all of you guys feel! I am so sick and tired of always having to cover up my acne and the scars left from it. I have tried everything to try and cover it all up and help to fade old scars. I try to stay hopefull, but it is really hard sometimes. I always take forever to get ready to go anywhere. Even if it is just a trip to the grocery store, I always have to cover up every mark and imperfection on my skin. My acne has gotten better over the years.( Just because of time I t