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  1. God felt bad about giving us acne, and sent down make-up. haha that was my little joke... But yea, it's great, wouldn't dream of going to school without it.
  2. They talked about this on the news so I decided to check it out. What do you guys think about it? http://lumiport.com/works.html It seems as though light is where science is heading for finally discovering a cure LOL, well just saw another topic on this, oh well...
  3. I wouldn't go to school if I couldn't wear my foundation. It has become a serious addiction, I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooo conscious without it that I will not show my face in public. If I was made to wash my face in school I'd run away probably...
  4. I use it and I don't think it breaks me out. I also think that it covers really really well and it looks very natural. I would say it is the best out of all the common foundations.
  5. Physicans Formula Bronzer, leaves a great glow! Check out my pics if you wanna see.
  6. Revlon Fabulash, you can check out my pics if you wanna see how great it works. I really reccomend it!
  7. Well I'm from Bulgaria and milk, cheese, and yogurt are a very major part of peoples' diets there. I can say that the majority of young people there are very slender, beautiful and acne free. It's funny, America is the country with all these vitamin supplements, diets, exercise plans, etc... yet it's the other countries that have the healthy people.No one there drinks soy milk, fat free crap, carbless stuff, vitamin supplements, or any other product created solely for the purpose of making money
  8. Thank you so much for the post. It seems as though acne is making people here crazy and they come up with all kinds of wack theories about what causes and how to treat acne. Your post is very helpful and truthful! Thanks again.
  9. You people are crazy, all these limited diets aren't going to prove to be the ultimate cure for acne. Your BRAIN controls hormones, not the bread you eat. An overall healthy lifestyle is of course going to make your skin better as a consequence of your whole body being healthier. The trick is to eat a balanced diet and to not cut out whole groups of food. My aunt is a certified nutritionist and I have two cousins that work in biology research fields so I'm not just some stupid kid that thinks th
  10. Yea three pints might be a bit much. I just drink one pint and I go to bed with the water in my stomach, I'm not about to sit around and wait to pee... If I have to go pee than I naturally wake-up go pee and go back to bed, it's really not that bad.
  11. Whenver you're in an embarassing situation it's always good to make fun of yourself and laugh at yourself, then people just laugh along with you.
  12. I could list soooo many different links, each and every one of them stating that food is not connected to acne or hormones. Hormone production is controlled by a little part in the brain called the pituitary gland and not by carbs and fats and whatever else you think is making you break out. So all that crap about food aggrivating your hormones is just plain false. An overall change to healthy lifestyle could make your skin better just because your body is more healthy overall. But in order fo y
  13. Lol, I go to high school too and my idea would go over better in my opinion.