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  1. i smoked 2 blunts a couple of days ago. not by myself, with 2 other people. it was the best high ever. (i'm on accutane). i guess it was the quality. we had some purple.
  2. my dryness i noticed today actually, my skin is much less oily, its day 8 or 9 for me. at 40 and 80 mg a day. (switch every other day)
  3. craigems, 12 months? i thought it was a 5 to 6 month course. are you self medicating?
  4. HEY jg103. Im on my 4th day. i weigh 140 lbs. how many kgs is that anyone?? and i take 40 mg one day, then 80 the next. then 40 again. i am definitely at the same stage as you are. my skin is disgustingly oily, but i can feel it drying out when i smile and laugh, and i ALSO came out of a really really bad break out. the worst in my life actually. my skin is def. healing but i have alot of redmarks. we should keep in touch just to see how things are affecting us. i heard that accutane makes your
  5. great news, keep us posted on your post tane experience.
  6. my derm told me that accutane does fade redmarks quicker. but he also said not to use anything on my face, not even a cleanser or moisturizer... so i dunno
  7. dreams rule. i had one where i was flying and throwing energy orbs at tanks and blowing them up. it was awesome. im on my second day of tane. i hope it makes me have wicked dreams. lol.
  8. depends on your derm, i get my pills on monday, my derm said i should do it asap cuz soon its gonna get even harder to get it, he said near impossible. some kind of regulation or what not.
  9. so true. if acne is the most common skin disorder. then why am i the only one that has it on the subway, or in school, or at the mall. its so frustrating. i feel so self concious everytime there are people around me. which is. every single day. i have a derm appointment on tuesday. bitch better give me my accutane.
  10. is mameha, the character from memoirs of a geisha? or is it your name?
  11. noob question, whats minocycline and nicomide?
  12. Sufferingly isnt a word. But dammnit it should be!! i am sufferingly waiting for my derm appointment on oct. 11 so i could finally get accutane. and believe me i WILL get it. im sure the derm doesnt want to get kicked in the balls.
  13. aww im sorry to hear that. how many mor emonths do you ahve till your treatment is over? just a tip. dont watch any sad movies or shows, just watch your favorite sitcoms and dumb and dumber or something. i find that watching comedies always cheers me up.