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  1. Your skin looks pretty darn good, but I know that's easy for me to say, bc well, I'm not you... However, I DEFINITELY think you should try the stronger percentages before throwing in the towel.. and another thing I would do: add clindamycin to the mix. One night, use retin a micro, next night, use clindamycin, etc etc etc. That's exactly what I'm doing, and the results are very good... but it just takes a lot of time. You've been patient thus far it seems, keep up the good work.
  2. I'm a fan of Maybelline PureStay Powder foundation. It applies beautifully and covers very well, I've never broken out from it. I really should go pick one up, bc I miss using it! I always used it OVER my foundation, but you can definitely use it as just foundation (which I would like to try). I've also heard that the Covergirl Aqua Smooth compact is really good. Btw, the Maybelline PureStay one is definitely similar to MAC's studio fix. I think they're both great. All about personal preference
  3. Here is what I've found through experience: I never use the little foam applicators... They are just a breeding ground for bacteria. They're too small, hard to hold, don't apply precisely.. Brushes are so much more versatile. I love having my brushes, because they've helped me turn makeup into more of an art AND preserve the condition of my cosmetics. If I'm paying top dollar for my makeup, I want it to last, not go bad, stay clean.... and so I've invested in quality makeup brushes. It just mak
  4. Hey, This foundation is water and silicone based, which is fine & good, and apparently the texture, finish, coverage are great. But the problem is, it DOESN'T protect your skin from the sun (Paula Begoun), bc it's not formulated correctly. So your moisturizer would have to have sunscreen. It's supposed to be for ppl with skin that's on the dry side, nooot for ppl with oily or slightly oily skin. The finish is moist and sparkly under sunlight. So.... there are ups and downs. Personally, I w
  5. I hope it's a liquid primer! If it's not, I'll make it into one. I am DYING to place my order........ I waited out the weekend bc I wanted to wait for a new "special" to come up... I missed last week's. But they still haven't put up a new one Here's what I'm getting: (I'm a first timer to everyday minerals, but I've used mineral makeup and I'm a huge quality makeup fanatic) (1) Free Sample pack (I have very fair skin, I'm neutral, I have very rosey cheeks, but also goldeny undertones... I
  6. ^Aw, I'm sorry ..... Oils aren't always bad..... BUT, I'll look that up later, you never know, it may be a step in the right direction for you! I really hope so. I'll look at it later when I get home. Just thought I'd pop in and quickly list some other brands of natural skin care that I love love love.... Druide - EVERYTHING *my #1 favorite Avalon Organics JASON Desert Essence Be back soon
  7. Hey, I'm back! First, I've got to say, I'm a huge fan of all Derma-E products. They say they are "formulated for results" and they really are. I'd recommend adding a Derma-E toner before your moisturizer, like the Vanilla Bean Toner (which is good for problem skin). And if you're looking for treatments, I love the AHA Beauty Fluid, it's soooo light, I use it once or twice a week (it's 5% glycolic and fruit acids), you don't even know it's on your skin (which I like), but you do gradually see t
  8. JASON has fabulous products, I especially looooved the gift sets this Christmas... with big bottles of body lotion and liquid soap for in the shower.. beautiful products. I bought a few sets just for myself hehe They smell so delicious. But anyways, yes I love JASON products.
  9. Hi! I will come back to reply better...... but I'm glad to see someone here who uses Derma E as well! All of the products I use are natural... Derma E is great. (I noticed you tried Cetaphil, STAY AWAY from that.... yuck yuck yuck).... stick to Derma E, and I can suggest some more natural products that you will love!
  10. Products I like: Druide - EVERYTHING made by Druide, I can't say enough about these products........ Cleanser, moisturizer, toner; they calm and HEAL my skin so beautifully (all natural). Also love their bath products, hair products, etc. Proactiv - I really do like this because it's helped me... there are downfalls, like it's not natural obviously.. and it dries me out.. but if my skin is reallllly bad, Proactiv is always what I can use to get me through a really bad breakout. Products I d
  11. thought i would add: for those who are interested in the OCM but don't want to try it yet, why don't you go to your local health food store and buy some natural products that contain some oils? cleanser/toner/moisturizer. you may just find even that is the change you need (they work BEAUTIFULLY and leave your skin protected with moisture). also a good way to ease into the OCM.
  12. hey i'm surprised that this thread hasn't got much of a reaction. let me tell you about my story.. i have sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin, that scars easily and tends to have a fair amount of redness in places. i've tried a LOT of things to clear my skin..... all of the prescription things dried out my skin, so i gave up on all of them years ago.. i've bought product after product, blah...... i ordered proactiv, and was happy with that, it really did help me clear up!.... but it still
  13. hey i use tea tree oil soap (liquid cleanser). mine is from the body shop (canada). i like it. i've also used thursday plantation tea tree oil liquid cleanser AND also their solid bar. the bar dries out your skin a loooot. so i would never use a tea tree bar again. but i do like the liquids. it's hard to tell how much it's helped my skin, because i have mild acne that is very unpredictable. sometimes i'll be clear (with the exception of uneven skin tone), sometimes my skin will be fairly bad.
  14. mary kay makes moisturizer for oily skin that leaves your skin matte, but it's pricey. other than that, i'm not too sure what to tell you i'm sure someone else will have some more suggestions. if i think of anything/find anything i'll let you know.
  15. hey! go read my reply to the ortho tricyclen lo thread. it's more detailed. but just quickly.... i'd recommend trying yasmin or linessa... i'm on linessa now and i'm REALLY happy. i'd say try linessa first.