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  1. That's a good question. I have been off of Accutane for about a year now and my skin is still this sensitive. I wish it would calm down. I'd like to avoid using Accutane again.
  2. I was also offered the low dose treatment as well. My doctor recommended 20mg a day to start off but he stated that he would eventually taper it down to 10mg x2 each week. I opted to go for the shorter cycle since I was getting married in that time frame. It exists but not sure how it works out for others.
  3. I never used more than 40- 60 mg a day for my cycle of Accutane. I was on it for close to 7 mos. And it most definitely worked for me. I have mild acne as well but not even close to what I used to suffer. I would definitely disagree his statement that "anything less than 80mg does not work." I am living proof that 40-60 can work.
  4. I had an initial breakout in the first month but that was it. By the third month, my acne was starting to clear up. A big bonus for me was that I did not develop anymore cysts once I started the medication. I never got one the entire cycle. But, it varies for everyone. But I would bet that at least by month 2 or 3, you should see some improvement. My skin is fairly clear now and the struggle was worth it! I haven't had cysts in 18mos.
  5. Thanks for the input. I too had issues with Differin in the past. Before Accutane, I used literally everything there was and Differin made my acne worse in the past. So, I was skeptical when my Derm prescribed it to me. I tried it a month ago (post Accutane) and as aforementioned, I broke out into a huge rash on my forehead. Oddly enough, that was the only place that I had a rash. I can put any product on the rest of my face, just not my forehead. And naturally, that is the same location
  6. Where do I find those products? And are they relatively inexpensive? Right now, I am somewhat desperate for a solution. I am thinking about starting Differin again. I am trying figure out some options. Unfortunately, I have become jaded with new products. And of course, I am spending too much money on all of this stuff. Also, do you think using Benzoyl Peroxide is a bad idea for spot treatment? It seems as if you have quite a bit of knowledge about a lot of the products.
  7. I have used Ortho Tri-Cyclen in the past when I had mild acne. And it worked really well for me for about 3 years. What really messed me up was Depo Provera. I developed cystic acne as a result of it. Then I switched to Yasmin and that also made my skin flare up for a long time. I would say that Yasmin is overrated. But then again, I agree with one of the other girls in that each BCP is a hit or miss situation. One type may really help you and really harm someone else. The best possible
  8. Hello all... I finished taking a 6 month course of Accutane about a year ago. I had really clear beautiful skin for about six months. And luckily, I no longer have cystic acne. I started using Proactiv (again) because I was getting a small breakout. Unfortunately, I found out that my skin is now extremely sensitive and I can no longer use Proactiv. I went to a Dermatologist who prescribed Retin-A, then Differin, and finally, Clindamycin. Unfortunately, my face broke out into a rash after