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  1. hi all--- I'm on Accutane now and was wanting to begin the new FDA approved diet pill, Alli, but has anyone heard anything about someone using Alli while ALSO being on accutane? i read an ad and it said that Alli does NOT effect your brain or your heart----so....any thoughts??
  2. hey all-- I was just curious on everyone's opinions (or even experiences) with appetite suppressants......today a worker at Whole Foods told me that Hoodia was pretty good for appetite suppression...............what's everyone's opinion? and if you have used this or another suppressants, how did it go?
  3. hey all!! I went to get my eyebrows waxed yesterday (which is not uncommon) and I love the brows, but when I got out of the salon, I have awful red streaks on my skin around where she waxed!!! it feels like it burns when I touch it, but her wax wasn't even hot! I have been on new medication (birth control, aldactone) and I'm wondering if these would cause my newly intensely-sensitive skin?? plus! I'm out of aloe vera gel----can ANYONE recommend a good home remedy to get rid of this awful redn
  4. way to go girl!! I've been doing laser on my upper lip for 6+ months now and i Must say it is DEFINITELY worth it!! now I go once every 2 months or so-----its wonderful!!
  5. Gosh, what a stressful day! After just recently beginning birthcontrol + Aldactone for my hormonal imbalances, my skin has gone CRAZY and broken out like mad! I feel so disgusting and embarassed to go out....and when a boy on the street looks at me, I drop my gaze in total shame! How do you all feel when you notice that strangers on the street are obviously staring at your acne? .....I got that experience today..I went to an Aveda salon to get my eyebrows waxed, and while waiting for the waxer
  6. I have been using Bare Minerals for over a year now (still using the SAME first box I bought, so you can see how long it lasts!) and I LOVE it. I have lots of redness/scarring (and some active acne). Bare Minerals really covers everythign SO WELL, with no "cakey" look. The color is perfect and adds a glow to your skin and makes it feel soft. I've never broken out because of it and I have slept in it with no adverse effects.
  7. hello all!! I have GreenCream and was wondering, when I use it, should I use it over my redmarks AND current acne?? thank you!
  8. I used tons of different makeup from the most popular brands out there, but NOTHING got me better results or compliments than when I used bare minerals. first off, make sure your face is NICE and moisturized. I recommend Eucerin Skin Renewal lotion. it is by far the BEST moisturizer on the planet. afterwards, bare minerals will go on nice and smoothly with no lines or bumps. it is the only makeup i have used since I bought it over a year ago, and I am still on my original box! awesome stuff!!
  9. Just wanted to say that I tried Proactiv for the first time about 4 years ago and it worked FANTASICALLY, so good luck!! Eventually it stopped working, so I was off it for a year and recently I started back up using only the Lotion and I am so happy with it AGAIN! I love this product. I wish you the best!!! Stick to it!!
  10. I would have them "accidently" catch me looking at the acne.org website. That way, they might ask about it directly ("What website are you looking at?") and you can nonchalantly say what you need to---that way, they can go check it out at home! -girlmeetscamera
  11. I definitely have a comment. I WAS using the regimine, just like you, for about 3 months (twice a day) and did NOT see results. in fact, my acne scarring got darker and my skin was the worst I have EVER seen it. I do not believe that I will continue using the regimine for 4+ months like everyone recommended. I have a life! and I was too sad to go outdoors because of the effect of it on my face! I have since then STOPPED using the regimine and started my own simpler one and I am SO happy I did
  12. where can I buy an aloe vera plant? I live in Michigan. and how much do they cost??
  13. hello! I have recently been using a simpler regimine that has helped me MORE than dan's bp gel regimine and I am happy but... it is my 'time of the month' so I expected a few breakouts and due to my regimine, I only had about 3 medium-sized ones that cleared up in 2 days. my question is: I have gotten a breakout that is hard and red, but at the VERY corner of my lip. it is reddish with a white center. is this a pimple or an outbreak of herpes? I know I do not have herpes (never have been wit