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  1. lol @ ghoul.. now that made me laugh Bad lighting = messes with our heads bbbaaaddddd. some people say to me "i dont even notice anything" .. but i dont believe them because when you catch a glimpse in a ramdom window or mirror it is anything but unnoticable... ehhh *shrugs*
  2. From what I can tell my skin looks pretty good in normal light... when ever i talk to people about it they say that they dont even notice it or that its not bad at all.. though when im in my bath room with only the bathroom light, or some car windows, or when im walking next to a building that is glass and the light is beaming on it sometimes i cringe\gasp inside as it looks like i have been shot in the face with a minature shot gun. then in normal light no worries, 90% of the time it looks no
  3. smooth beam tightens the skin.. its crap for scaring IMO.
  4. I was on juvederm although it last longer than Restylane by about 2 months Restyalne gives a better finish and you cant feel it under the skin as the compounds are differnt. Restylane realistically lasts 4.5 months .. looks good for 2 months then starts to degrade over the course of the next 3 months.. i have them every 4 months.. $400 Au each time.. but 1200 a yr for 60% odd better skin is nothing in my opinion. With that said I too want something that lasts longer.. no doubt in the next yr t
  5. The green tubed Aveeno.. it is the lotion not the cream one. I use it every night... sometimes i put it on during the day and it isnt shiney, nore does it smell Reason i got Aveeno is when I was doing my Fraxel sessions the Derm had the cream (with oatmeal) which I would apply as my face needed to be moisturised... the lotion one does the trick for me now.
  6. If you have tan you skin will be tigher.. so your skin will be smoother though with that said the darker you are the more you can notice creases, scars...etc continue your treatments if you really want to, if it is doing your head in. But i wouldnt stress this day in age so many people have minor flaw in their skin hope all goes well anyway mate.
  7. not tca cross.. fraxel is good for rolling scars.. you can also try a roll kit also which is similar to frax
  8. You'll be right..its not that bad.. and thats being brutely honest.
  9. Depends what technique one uses. Fern tech = stretch test.. the old method was to fill the pit, which does just that, it fills it. They last about 2 months without any degredation.. then after that it degrades about 25% every month there after... so about 5 months all in all till there is nothing left I rekon.
  10. Hi all, Just letting you know it has been 8 months since my 5th fraxel treatment. I would say the result improvement all in all is 15-20%.
  11. issue with perm fillers is that they stay in place for ever.. though your face shape changes as you age.. so as i understand youll be left with bumps as the years go by.
  12. I would vote though dont know how....?
  13. Your expectations are too high in my opinion\experience. I didnt really see my results until a bit after my 5th(and last)... as the months went by after my 5th the results showed.. about 20-25% improvement I would see without adding any sugar on top.
  14. I am 4 month post my 5 rounds of fraxel2. im seeing the best improvments now then anytime during the treatment,
  15. Hi guys, I need some advise on some perm fillers... IE: why we should and shouldnt go with them.. I had some restylane inject 2 months ago in which some is still there (did about 8 scars) though in about 4 them they have gone (the ones on my temple).. anyway, i want to get a perm filler for the stubborn scars on my temple and a few others.. can some one please give me a hand\advice on this. Thanks,
  16. hey guys, im going to get some juvederm for a few of my scars that im still not happy with 2 months post 5 sessions of fraxel1500... can anyone offer some feedback for me... i had cosmoderm a while back and that was okay.. didnt last very long but was pretty good though. any info you can advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  17. i use cepephil (dont know how to spell it) for my wash and aveeno for my moisturiser
  18. Artic, Your always complaining mate, very pesimistic... when ever i see your name even before reading your post I know that its going to be gloomy. I, we all, wish you the best and hope that time heals your wounds.. but dont post topics that will deject people or get them down... if a new membor or a wandering soul comes to the forum and see topics like "ever felt like giving up" they may close the explorer window and not try any procedures. If your scaring is that bad you may have to look